Privacy Policy

Because there’s no privacy right in the U.S. Constitution (Bork said it. I believe it. That settles it.), I’ll have agents executing no-knock break-ins to install cameras in your bedroom and toilet and you’ll never be the wiser. Nyah hah haah!!! Warrants are for wusses. [Update: Great minds think alike Fun Sticker: Toilet Camera]

Wait a minute. This isn’t the Dept of Homeland Security or the German War Guilt office. It’s that ecology site. Wrong client. Never mind! Heh heh. I was just funnin’! Gotta make a radio call. Excuse me. “Psst. Base? Take that burning cross off their front lawn. Wrong house.”

Okay. Everything is just fine. I swear I will not rat you out to third parties without a court order. Even then, the ISP would probably cave before I do, the wimps.