“Bike Luminance” Bicycle Helmet Signals

The Bike Luminance Kickstarter project expires September 16.

Resistance to bicycling as an alternative to driving doesn’t come only from being lazy and out of shape–there’s also a safety factor. Cars are big, dangerous things with drivers who are trying to avoid hitting the other big, dangerous vehicles on the road and not always noticing the existence of bike riders.

To address this issue, fellow CRASH Spacer Naim Busek has created a “Bike Luminance” helmet mounted LED array, controlled by an Arduino and accelerometer to sense the rider’s head movements and display the appropriate turn or stop signals.

“It clearly announces your next action to the driver or other cyclists around you, eliminating uncertainty and letting them know where they need to be to keep clear.”

Naim is running a Kickstarter campaign now, with increasing levels of support getting more colorful signal displays for their helmets.

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