Months in the Media Maze

J. Kent Hastings, Richard HatchIt’s been over a month since I wrote a blog post, but that does not mean I have not been busy. Or not. Wtf?

I worked on two movie projects, a magazine, an audio dramatization series and got a new ham radio.

First, there was the FT817ND transceiver I bought from Ham Radio Outlet. It’s backpackable, runs five watts on AM, FM, CW, SSB and digital modes. It covers all the HF (or shortwave bands) plus 6 meters, VHF (2 meters) and UHF (440). If phones and Internet go away for any reason, I’ll still have communications on solar charged batteries.

I promised myself for years not to buy such a commercially produced rig until I’d homebrewed my own shortwave circuit. I’ve since put boards inside custom enclosures like a tuna can and Altoids tin. And I’ve got a TenTec 1340 kit underway. Enough soldering to hold my oath fulfilled. And it turns out that how a really-for-real radio works is providing valuable intel for some new homebrew projects I’m planning.

I’ve been doing paperwork and publicity graphics for the Silicon Assassin web series. See me and Richard Hatch with a poster design, featuring artwork by Martina Pilcerova.

And I just finished editing an infomercial movie tie-in for Life Enhancement’s Durk and Sandy based products to be shown on TV before the airing of J. Neil Schulman’s Lady Magdalene’s movie, starring Nichelle Nichols.

I’ve got some articles appearing soon in Brad Linaweaver’s pop culture vehicle, edited by Jessie Lilley–Mondo Cult Magazine print edition issue 3. My contributions are about off-grid prepping disguised as movie reviews and praise for The Conscience of an Anarchist.

And there are exciting developments (that I can’t specify at the moment) regarding adaptations of famous works by big name authors for the Sound of Liberty audio dramatization series.

There’s a funny video titled “Magazines are iPads that don’t work,” by a parent who claims a young child is attempting to launch printed magazine photos as apps. Some dispute this, but the kid does seem to prefer a real iPad.

So I’ve been busy with all sorts of doomed old media keeping me away from this new fangled blogging and Interweb stuff.

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