It’s Time For War With China

China map.Let’s stop pussyfooting in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and even the Iran invasion to come. These “nations” are quickly smashed and their occupation is hardly worth the trouble.

Egypt might take a month or so to crack if we decided to take them on for the militant Islamic extremism that hasn’t quite been revealed–yet.

But why waste time with these sideshow conflicts when we can get to the main event?

The Chinese rulers are subverting our economy by convincing the world to drop the U.S. dollar as the reserve currency.

And we can no longer ignore the humanitarian abuses in Tibet and Hong Kong.

American troops need boots on the ground to defend our vital interest in China’s recent domestic oil discoveries.

China is already the #2 greenhouse gas emitter and on the march to be #1. We need to save the planet from their growing, insatiable thirst for power from petroleum.

And the worst thing is that China has a greater villainous disregard for Israel’s sensitivities than Ron Paul.

Cowardly liberal appeasers will say that a war with China would be foolish because they have all our money, make all of our stuff, and outnumber the U.S. population almost five to one.

Greedy “deficit hawks” will complain that the war would be too expensive. But everyone knows that even with multiple fronts against such terrorist nations, the Pentagon only consumes 3% of GDP. Any more is kept conveniently off budget. The real hawks, who support our military, say that war is cheap. It must be true. Only a delusional global warring denier would think otherwise.

The Pentagon has superior technology and a bigger nuclear arsenal, but not since World War II has America faced an enemy that could match us–an enemy with a chance of winning.

As Brad Linaweaver has pointed out to me, Fox News can finally support a war that is Fair and Balanced!

Let’s defend our great nation with shared sacrifice. Report to your local draft board today.

Thank you for your service.

3 Responses to “It’s Time For War With China”

  1. William Alan Ritch Says:

    Brilliant, Kent, brilliant.

    I am off to my draft board now.

  2. PermaKent Says:

    Watch for enemy agents!

  3. H.B.Krishna Chary Says:

    Dea sir,

    Underdeveloping countries like china /india depends on petrol and diesel. Crude oil prices hit the skyrocketing and automatically decision makes on sharing resources and save our planet.”

    H.B.Krishna Chary
    Caring for sharing resources
    Permaworld member

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