Increase Your Home’s Albedo

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White and Green roof.
In a new Slashdot politics post, “Bill Clinton Says “Paint Your Roofs White”,” the former U.S. President describes the benefits to job seekers, paid for by energy savings, of painting every rooftop white.

Slashdot links to a Newsweek article, “It’s Still The Economy, Stupid,” with the white roof idea as one of the Clinton’s 14 points (uh, oh–hope the rest aren’t Wilsonian).

In a 2008 post, “Be Cool, Paint the Town White,” I cited math done by Lawrence Berkeley scientists to support this notion.

To quote myself:

A Google search for high albedo paving reveals existing activity in the roof and paving industry. A link to an EPA page about urban heat islands contains this ammo for my crusade against the cities:

Compared to rural areas, cities experience higher rates of heat-related illness and death. The heat island effect is one factor among several that can raise summertime temperatures to levels that pose a threat to public health.

Gotta fight back against those city lovin’ gridheads. Now they’re saying rural residents are more likely to get into car crashes or shot with firearms. Yeah? Wait until the currency collapses. Then you’ll want NRA neighbors.

In a 2010 post, “Will A Frozen Earth Raise Earth’s Albedo,” I discuss the global temperature impact of all that reflected light.

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