Herbal Medicine and Edible Plants

Despite a warning from a skeptic of herbal medicine, “Plants are trying to kill us,” the OC Weekly paper kind of touts “Really?!?!? The Miracle Berry: A Solution to World Hunger?.” That’s the name of the cranberry-ish fruit. Miracle Berry. But it has an amazing property that you’ll have to read about in Michelle Woo’s article.

A classic Garden Girl TV video, “Lawns to Edible Landscapes,” mostly about replacing your lawn with anything else, includes edible plants and even a chicken tractor. About a month ago she did a video about “How to Make Seed Balls.” I’m currently hosting the seedball.com domain. There’s more on the subject there.

You should also watch Paul Wheaton’s video, “chicken paddock shift - chickens like greens,” as healthier for the landscape and more pleasant for the chickens than the usual chicken tractor concept.

Here’s a YouTube video of a not so new AP report on Edible Gardens.

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