Audio: Taming the Violence of Faith

Given the shootings in Arizona, it’s timely to publish a link to the audio for Jay Stuart Snelson’s talk at our Orange County, CA supper club.

(The name of the club is the Karl Hess Community Technology Forum. Karl Hess was a political speechwriter for Barry Goldwater who became a noted Libertarian activist. Karl was also known for promoting off-grid renewable energy, housing and food systems. Congratulations to Make Magazine’s Green Project Winner: The Global Village Construction Set. The GVCS leader is a fan of the appropriate technology work as described by Karl Hess and I support their project.)

The audio mp3 file khc2010nov29.mp3 is of Jay Stuart Snelson’s talk at the Karl Hess Community Technology Forum Nov. 29, 2010. I recorded it with the iTalk app on my iPod Touch and did what I could in Audacity and Levelator. Howard Hinman was MC. He is heard bringing the club to order and providing the speaker introduction.

A film released this year, Countdown To Zero, by the makers of An Inconvenient Truth and Food, Inc., confirms Jay Stuart Snelson’s assertion that nuclear weapons are still a very significant threat even if supposedly “the Cold War is over.”

Here’s the trailer for Countdown To Zero at YouTube.

One Response to “Audio: Taming the Violence of Faith”

  1. Rob Snelson Says:

    According to the principles of V-50 religion in particular christianity is not a right action in fact it is fractally wrong as it is neither rational nor moral…there is no way to prove the existence of god using any reliable scientific method, otherwise the propounded of this method would be a Nobel lauriette, and it is certainly not moral as it prescribes 100% submission or slavery…also let’s not forget jesus clearly advocated communism…anybody who states that christianity is idealised liberty obviously misses the point of being subSERVIANT to a diety. I suspect exceptions will be suggested in defence…you will need to judge whether you are being intellectually honest…therefore to talk of win win christianity or religion is talk of internal contradiction. Luckily though V-50 still works perfectly. Please feel free to change my mind…R Snelson

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