Survivalism for Musicians

At Boing Boing, Cory Doctorow posted “Indie Band Survival Guide: soup-to-nuts, no-BS manual for 21st century artistic life.” The post clearly explains how the success of the authors with their band (named there) makes them “in the scene” and qualified to write on the topic. (Nobody can say I hijacked this “hot news,” even though it’s not really news, is it?)

Be entertained as Cory slugs it out with clueless haters in the comments section who didn’t understand the initial post. He wins by quoting sentences from himself that they ignored in their knee-jerk complaints.

While the Internet and electricity is still available, the IndieGuide can be downloaded as a free ebook and maybe you should store it on a thumb drive or other external local storage device just in case.

If the Net goes down and looks like it may be that way for a long time, maybe you should learn to play unplugged or even make your own instruments during the outage. A place to start for that is this Planet Green page, “Handmade Music: Make Your Own Instruments From Scratch: 5 DIY musical instruments to make from upcycled and recycled materials (with videos).”

Here’s a video not listed there, Annoying Vuvuzelas Explained.

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