Cri-Cri Electric Plane: Green Air Travel?

Aviation Business reports “Cri-Cri: The All Electric Aircraft Gets Airborne.”

The news of the Paris flight was also published in the L.A. Times Environment “Greenspace” blog on Sep. 3, with the headline, “Up in the air…in an all-electric plane.” The story says the plane was made by Airbus parent corporation EADS. The pilot for the all electric flight said it was quiet compared to older fuel designs and seemed stable, safe and responsive.

The Cri-Cri is one of the smallest powered manned airplane designs and has been around since 1973, according to this web article, “History of the most famous French Homebuilt Cri-Cri.”

See the linked stories above (lest their publishers grow angry at me for swiping their hot news) for details about the impressive plane’s range and the goals of the project.

There’s no video of the electric flight yet, but I found this YouTube clip of a flight from 2007 of an older Cri-Cri design with noisy fueled propellers. It looks like a toy (and I want one).

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