Epistle to the Minarchians

Here’s a link to the complete transcript on the C4SS site of a speech delivered at Drexel University by an Agorist news analyst, “Darian Worden on Practical Anarchy.”

The following excerpt from Worden’s talk asserts that advocating anarchy is easier than selling “minarchy” (SEK3’s coinage) :

“Advocating anarchy is more practical than advocating minimal government.”

“To say that government should only be involved in matters of force gives off the perception that you want to use government only as a club, and never as a crutch – to hurt people, not to help them. You’ll be seen not as a principled individual, but as someone who wants to make oppression run more efficiently and cares most about keeping people in line. It will be easier to confuse you for the conservative reformers who wish to keep forcing people to obey and support coercive monopolies, while giving them less in return besides a politician’s promise of eventual lower taxes. And if you say that you believe that a free market will enable the poor to advance themselves and the sick to be cured more easily, a critic might wonder why you believe a government is necessary to provide security and arbitration.”

“Challenging these perceptions is probably just as difficult as challenging the idea of government itself. And keeping a small government from growing when politicians and administrators are incentivized to expand their power is a bigger challenge than keeping states from growing out of a society in which there is broad participation in consensual organizations of freedom.”

Just to prove there are other Agorists out in the world, here’s a YouTube video of Darian Worden being interviewed by Motorhome Diaries about the subject of Agorism:

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