Copyright, Left and Wrong?

Galambos’ Text
The topic of IP (intellectual property) attracts the most comments and trackbacks to this blog, but I avoid it because the subject divides the freedom movement into angry parties filing lawsuits. Read Stephan Kinsella’s “L. Neil Smith / Free Talk Live Copyright Dispute” at

Kinsella says IP requires coercive statism, but he’s a bad, bad man. Go comment on his blog post.

For my opinion, which is my primary property, important discoveries have come to us from Tesla, amateur radio experimenters, free open source software developers today who are fighting IP insanity, and from authors, composers and scientists in all of history before Walt Disney.

Yet I’ve been enjoying The V-50 Lectures, an audio course on 6 MP3 Audio Discs available at You can hear significant excerpts online for free and if you choose to do so, sample the first 12 hours for a low price, which will be applied to the purchase of the complete downloadable course.

Jay Snelson, who is very much alive in 2010, and who autographed my copy of the disc package, narrated the lessons in a classroom setting. The lectures were recorded in the mid-1970s, so some of the prices and technical examples will be amusing, but the references to oil shortages, inflation, and Middle East wars will be depressingly familiar.

Much of the course draws upon the first rate science and engineering background of Andrew J. Galambos. The social application of his “volitional science” has already influenced the libertarian movement far beyond the handful of students who heard the course live. It’s like Fight Club. You’re not supposed to talk about Galambos’ “primary property” out of school, but many did anyway. At last, years after Galambos’ passing, his heirs are cooperating with Snelson in marketing the material via traditional publishing and the internet. If you care about liberty, you must get this arsenal of intellectual ammunition. Unlike the Ayn Rand Institute, the Galambos “Right Republic” is not a coercive state that loves war (unless we’re going to fight over the copy machines).

Finally, speaking of hilarious videos about copyright, here’s “Copying Is Not Theft.”

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