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   Usually on a Fifth Monday of a Month except on a major Holiday

Charles Holloway The Secret of Freedom, and Other Dangerous Ideas”

Date: Monday June 7

Location: Marie Callender’s 5960 Orangethorpe Ave., Buena Park, CA 90620 (at Valley View/91Fwy) 714-522-0170 | FAX 714-522-6829 [From 5 Fwy, take Valley View South to Orangethorpe, turn right]

Cost: $25.00 (cash preferred) Includes choice of three entrees, salad, soft beverage and pie dessert


6:00 p.m.   Cocktails (No Host, in the Lounge and Cash and Carry in the Dining Room)
7:00 p.m.   Dinner (Three entrees*, salad, cornbread, soft beverage, pie dessert)
Special Call to Order by Master of Ceremonies to start the program business
    Special presentation to Loy Lefevre
8:00 p.m.   Announcements and Introductions by Master of Ceremonies Howard Hinman
8:15 p.m.   Speaker Charles Holloway
9:15 p.m.   Q&A  (First  round questions to be submitted in writing; index cards will be provided)
9:45 p.m. Adjournment [Aftermeeting next door]
* This meeting: Callender’s Fish & Chips, Freshly Roasted Turkey, Home-Style Meatloaf,+ [Vegetarian Option]

About The Speaker


About the Program [Précis Provided by Mr. Holloway]

The people who watch Glenn Beck, John Stossel, or follow Ron Paul or Ayn Rand, the people who’ve been exposed to Ludwig Von Mises, Frederik Hayak, Frederic Bastiat, the people who’ve read books like Economics in One Lesson, The Law, Atlas Shrugged – are all complaining that freedom in the United States is eroding.

The reason we don’t have freedom in the United States is that nobody knows what freedom is.  There’s no single, unified, scientific definition of freedom that everyone can agree on.  If you don’t know what something is, how can you expect to get it?

Let’s say your destination is the Hawaiian Islands.  If you don’t know what an Island is, if you don’t know what Hawaii is, if you don’t have a compass or a map, how can you expect to find it?  The same is true of freedom.  If you don’t know what it is, you can’t get there.

The politicians today claim they’re giving us “freedom.”  Or that they’re somehow preserving our “freedom.”  But the truth is, they have no better idea of what freedom is than anyone else.  A politician today calling himself an “Expert on Freedom” is like a Church Official in the year 1400 AD calling himself an “Expert on Enlightenment.”

Furthermore, society will never attain freedom until “freedom” has been defined.  So that’s what this lecture is about.

The material we’re going to present comes from a soon-to-be-published book titled Mapping Freedom.  The title of this fity-five minute presentation is: The Secret of Freedom, and Other Dangerous Ideas.

We will explain in scientific terms, using a multi-media presentation, the definitions of slavery, property, stealing crime, and finally … freedom, itself.  Only when there is a scientific and practical definition of freedom will we be able to stop the politicians from taking it away from us.

Scheduled Meetings in 2010:

August 30       Geo. McCalip
November 29
 Jay Snelson

About THE Konkin-Rothbard Limited Club

The name for this club was chosen to honor the memories of Samuel Edward Konkin III, a prominent political theorist and Murray Rothbard, a noted free market economist.  Howard Hinman, of Orange County, is your Master of Ceremonies and Chief Operating Officer (COO).

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