Greenwashing AZ’s Jaime Cuervo Laws

Internal Passport
Soviet era internal passport.
There’s predictable opposition to Arizona’s “Jim Crow for Mexicans” law (what I’m calling “Jaime Cuervo.”)

But there was even initial concern from the notorious anti-immigrant former congressman Tom Tancredo before he remembered who he was. According to the Huffington Post, “Tom Tancredo Says Arizona Immigration Law Goes Too Far, Still Supports It.”

For some on the Right, opposition to government intrusion, such as the nosy census questionnaire, especially the long form American Community Survey, easily extrapolates to fighting AZ’s immigrant inquisition.

The first version of Arizona’s new law would have had any contact with the police come with a demand to show papers, even for crime victims or witnesses. As the Christian Science Monitor headline asks, “Arizona immigration law revised: backtracking or fine-tuning?

Another surprise is a real anti-immigrant current in the broader environmentalist movement, not just the greenwashing by nativists pretending to care about green issues.

For example, a 2006 article in CS Monitor was headlined “For environmentalists, a growing split over immigration.” The report gave some reasons:

“First, more Americans means more people living in one of the world’s most resource-consuming cultures. Second, there’s new evidence that Hispanic women who move to the US have more children than if they stayed put.”

Some immigrants may bring an environmentalist ethic with them, and may influence their American neighbors to be more frugal, hard working and self-reliant. Permaculture is an Aussie import.

Another HuffPo story quotes NORML Deputy Director Paul Armentano who asked, “Are U.S. Pot Laws the Root Cause of Mexican Drug Violence?” Yes, because Mexico legalized drugs in their realm. I know a couple who moved to Mexico to get back to their village pottery business and they seem happy to be there and not here. Looks like Mexican Exceptionalism is working!

Next time I’m stranded on some remote trail (see “Stuck in the Muck in Winnemucca“), I’ll be certain to demand INS documents from any latino rescuers who offer to save me. NOT!

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