Revolution Is My Hobby

Brad Linaweaver gave me the title “Revolution Is My Hobby” to use on one of my early stories (novelette length over 10,000 words) about a high tech revolution controlled by a prison inmate in a future dictatorship. “Hobby” was written (but never published) before my “Blue Light” short story was published in the Summer 1997 issue of the Prometheus newsletter.

I’m recalling that title because J. Neil Schulman posted my 1996 afterword to the then current edition of Alongside Night, his novel about a future American revolution first published in 1979. My afterword, “Pulling Alongside Night: The Enabling Technology Is Here,” described the successful predictions Neil made about future technology and suggested new applications of internet era computing for his scenario.

For example, encrypted spread-spectrum radio could control the construction of underground markets using telepresence with a low probability of signal recognition. Typical radio receivers would register low level static that might just as well come from a noisy light dimmer switch, car engine or vacuum cleaner.

Quoting myself:
Alongside Night shows us a world where such [privatization] ideas aren’t merely a smokescreen for greater efficiency in the service of an ever more encompassing State.”

2 Responses to “Revolution Is My Hobby”

  1. Jim Davidson Says:

    I’ve been working on a book “Sovereign Self-Defence” for the past four months, nearly finished. It describes a number of new technologies for completely private exchanges of information and therefore of value between individuals. Should be a good adjunct to your work on “Pulling Alongside.”

  2. J. Kent Hastings Says:

    I’ll look for it. (Also testing this buggy response program)

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