The Real April Fools’ Day

Here’s a classic article from 1963, “Why Pray for Peace but Pay for War?

The thesis of author Maurice F. McCrackin, a Presbytarian pastor born in 1905, is that “Income tax paid by the individual is essential to the continuance of the war machine.”

The article makes a strong moral case based on the author’s own experience, and quotes a famous literary figure for more intellectual ammunition:

Leo Tolstoy described this evil process of rationalization in his book The Kingdom of God Is within You. He asks, “Is it possible that millions of men can go on calmly committing deeds which are so manifestly criminal, such as are the murders and tortures they commit, simply from fear of punishment? Surely these things would not exist were not the falsehood and brutality of their actions hidden from all classes of men by the system of political organization. When such deeds are committed, there are so many instigators, participants, and abettors that no single individual feels himself morally responsible. The rulers of the state always endeavor to involve the greatest number of citizens in the participation of the crimes which it is to their interest to have committed. Some demand it, some confirm it, some order it, and some execute it.”

As true today as then. And just to tweak the nanny state’s nose,

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