Nightmare on Fern Street

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Arte Johnson and ferns plus Pentagon
Brad Linaweaver says he’s getting tired of the “Wall Street vs. Main Street” rhetoric, which he believes ignores the Empire as the dominant agency for the immiseration of the proletariat, comrade. (He wouldn’t put it like that.)

Brad suggested finding out if the Pentagon was located on a Street that could find its way into vulgar political discourse. Sure enough, “Fern Street” fits the bill.

Just thinking about foliage brings to mind how the military industrial complex camouflages its share of the budget. Also, I’m hearing renewed rumors of war against Iran. And the DJIA is falling below 10,000 again.

A post with details about the incredible number of unaccounted assets in the Pentagon budget, Iran’s history and recent past (now we know the outcome of their election), and the wonderful state of our economy from March, 2009 is current once again, “It Usually Begins With Iran.”

The term “blowback” originates with a 1950s CIA after action report of dirty tricks pulled in Iran–a shameful false flag operation conducted with pride that still haunts us today.

Fern Street evokes other bush and shrub related metaphors, such as not seeing the forest for the trees or snakes in the grass. Just keep those m*f*ing snakes off the m*f*ing planes!

What were we talking about? Oh yeah, the Pentagon. In the news.

A few days ago it was widely reported that military intelligence at the Pentagon, which will get about two feet of snow this weekend, released a report about the threat of global warming. Now the warm mongers want to levitate the Pentagon in public esteem.

Maybe our armed forces will convert their vehicles to carbon neutral energy sources. Lucky for us Iran leads the Middle East in wind power generation, so our plug-in hybrid tanks will be easily recharged during the invasion. Because of Iran’s gas shortages (!) maybe their plug-in battery powered tanks will have to recharge on odd numbered days after ours are topped off.

Arte Johnson (the German spy pictured above) appeared regularly on The Smothers Brothers, as did the cult fake Presidential candidate, Pat Paulsen.

I never met Pat Paulsen, but I had his comedy record and was a fan. But I’ve always heard that my cousins, aunt and uncle on my mom’s side of the family knew Pat. My aunt Judy told me on a recent visit that she remembers rehearsing routines with him. Pat told them on a road trip that if the car crashed the news would report “Pat Paulsen and Others Killed in Crash.” That didn’t happen thankfully, but he did die eventually, but his memory is kept alive at

Here’s a YouTube video of his son Monty carrying on the tradition, with a “Dead Man Running” campaign and perhaps running himself in 2012. Monty Paulsen? All he needs is a flying circus.

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