Fomenting Revolution for Fun and Profit

Karl Hess Club, Dec, 2009
Geo. McCalip at KHC, Dec 21, 2009.
California Legal Rights Fund founder, Geo. McCalip, laid out his strategy to radically change how the State of California enforces every law in his Karl Hess Club speech, “Fomenting Revolution for Fun and Profit.”

Here’s a link to an MP3 recording of the talk at the blog.

Geo.’s approach reminds me of the Rebel Alliance attack plan against the Empire’s Death Star. The State of California doesn’t consider traffic tickets to be much of a threat or they would have a tighter defense. Or in their case, a prosecutor present who doesn’t ignore exculpatory evidence and mountains of settled case law. Instead, every county looks at tickets as an easy source of revenue.

This makes the California state government extremely vulnerable to a legal death blow they won’t believe is coming until it arrives. And even if the Powers That Be are truly scared, they won’t have time to change the course of their Titanic bureaucracy before hitting this legal iceberg and sinking in defeat. California would only be the beginning.

Instead of using third party elections, mass movement protests, or fighting the legal system over taxes or drug laws, Geo. is using traffic violation cases, which he has won for himself and others to devastating effect on the arresting officers, to attempt to prove lack of due process and numerous instances of malicious prosecution, which eventually could result in a much bigger lawsuit with jury-determined exemplary (a.k.a. “punitive”) damages against the State of California under the U.S. federal RICO Act.

Among the “terms of surrender” he believes will be their cheapest option to avoid unbelievably massive liability exposure, are conditions such as getting rid of the red light cameras and requiring a prosecutor and fully informed jury to be present in a real trial for any case, no matter how small. Geo. asks (I’m paraphrasing), “Why should a three time murderer have more defense protection than a granny in a first offense traffic case?”

Geo.’s success will put a screeching stop to “tickets for revenue,” and likely block convictions for victimless crimes because jurors will be told they can determine the justice of the law as well as the facts of the case.

Geo. joked that his talk was scheduled on the winter solstice. That’s the shortest, darkest day of the year. Brighter days lay ahead for the cause of freedom.

Happy New Year!

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