Plug-Ins Panned, But Supercaps Coming

ARS Technica describes a recent National Academies of Science report in an article, “New report offers grim assessment of plug-in hybrids.” Several commenters to the article naturally rejected the report’s fuel price assumptions as oil company fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD).

Which reminded me about the promising EEstor breakthrough that’s supposed to be demonstrated this year, as mentioned in this Autoblog story, “GM Volt plus EEStor could work if EESU worked.”

One of the commenters at ARS Technica mentioned a recent more hopeful news item, about Stanford research scientists using carbon nanotube and silver nanowire ink to print batteries and supercapacitors on paper. Here’s the direct link to the university report, “At Stanford, nanotubes + ink + paper = instant battery.”

Here’s a YouTube video from Stanford about the potential breakthrough.

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