What Freedom?

Coca Cola French Polar Bear PosterCoca Cola was one of the companies listed on an often played TV ad in the U.S. that shows the word “Copenhagen” morphing into “Hopenhagen.”

Maybe Coke’s marketing department was thinking of their polar bear mascots.

The solution to stopping global warming proposed by scientist Saul Griffith, in his SALT talk in January of this year, is to put renewable power generators (wind, photovoltaics, solar mirrors, etc.) on a land area he named “Renewistan” the size of North America, distributed throughout the world.

He actually mentioned that aluminum formerly used by energy hogging soda drinks should be polished into vast stretches of reflective solar mirrors instead. That would be the end of the evil power hungry manufacturer of corn syrup filled Coke! Good work, guys. Some energy drink, eh?

J. Neil Schulman’s latest blog post at Rational Review includes an item titled, “Al Gore and the Gangrene Movement.”

Neil’s item has a funny punchline about the Climategate emails being denied. Critics claim cap and trade will be a World Bank boondoggle that fails to limit carbon just like the U.S. bank bailouts failed to increase consumer access to credit.

There are other worrisome proposals in the draft Copenhagen treaty including, if the report I heard is correct, an unprecedented global tax on cross border financial transactions and we should be concerned for our freedoms.

The word from peer-reviewed journals like Nature is that the skeptics are “Laughable Paranoids on the Denialist Fringe.”

The U.S. Constitution has been a dead letter, or as former Prez W. called it, “just a goddamn piece of paper,” for some time. And long before 9-11 and the “Patriot” Act (there’s an Orwellian name for you)–maybe going back to when the War on Drugs first brought us SWAT teams and asset forfeiture laws? Yet the living document is enshrined and our rulers like to keep up appearances, so sometimes they’ll leave us alone like they’re supposed to. But perhaps that’s due to laziness on their part and our good fortune that we don’t get all the government we pay for.

Nobody can deny that the stated agenda of the meeting of world leaders in Copenhagen is about negotiating a binding treaty that would legally supercede the U.S. Constitution if adopted. Hopefully, the public will have an opportunity to comment on whatever is being proposed and at least have the chance to voice an opinion, however warped by propaganda it may be.

It would be swell if public policy that affects the entire planet, impacts millions of poor, starving children, costs trillions of dollars, creates global taxing authority and otherwise limits everyone’s freedom could be based on public data available to all.

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