Power from Water Makes a Splash

Vivace VHE logoThe BBC online story “Hydro-electricity in Wales: Turning streams into cash” describes micro-hydro turbines gaining popularity among farmers. The small systems are generating the amount of power used in surrounding communities.

For those who have streams, but without a steep waterfall drop that makes existing turbines worthwhile, Boing Boing’s Mark Frauenfelder reports something new, “Technology to generate power from slow moving river and ocean currents.”

The linked article at MAKE online, “Ocean power,” reports that the invention was inspired by the powerful vortex that destroyed the Tacoma Narrows Bridge shortly after it was built in 1940, reminding me of how Shawn Frayne came up with his cheap mylar ribbon “windbelt” power generator.

A Boing Boing link to the article in University of Michigan’s Michigan Today, “‘Fish technology’ draws renewable energy from slow water currents,” reveals an embedded Quicktime video showing this exciting breakthrough in action.

Here’s a video about reef restoration and an activity which brings back fish, “Coral gardening.”

Final ocean living article for today, a Digg front page item, “Samso: The Energy Self-Sufficient Island.”

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