“Permablitz” Suburban Garden Trend

From Australia comes a story, “Trend blossoms,” by Meg Sobey in the Moonee Valley Community News about neighbors doing an extreme makeover of a family’s backyard. (Thanks, Google Alerts).

“IT is difficult to imagine that Melanie Henkel’s kitchen once looked out over a grey courtyard. Her backyard now resembles a miniature farm, offering vegetables, fruit and even eggs for the dinner table.”

From a site devoted to this “Permablitz” doctrine, these permacultural “blitzoids” promulgate their “mulched Earth policy” of “eating the suburbs, one backyard at a time.”

Here’s a time lapse YouTube video of a similar backyard clearing and planting in the Netherlands.

I hope this backyard makeover trend catches on in the U.S. It’s something to bring up with any permies or guerrilla gardeners you may know.

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