“WhiteFi” To Cut Farm Water Use in Half?

Sensors on WhiteFi could cut farm water use.ArsTechnica reported a perfect Thirst-Day item about a proposed wireless internet standard that uses the white space frequencies between broadcast channels for the interactive data.

The article, titled “WhiteFi” could be worth $15bn a year—and fix climate change, describes its market potential due to bringing about easier rural datafication and the energy savings implied by its reduction of farm water use. (Considerable energy is consumed currently pumping agricultural water from depleted aquifers.)

Because it would use broadcasting “white space,” the idea is being called “WhiteFi.” Supporters including Microsoft are exploring its applications.

“The main example given is automated irrigation systems that can reduce the water use on farms by 30 to 60 percent. Rather than spraying water indiscriminately, these systems work by installing tiny sensors throughout fields and vineyards to measure water levels, sunlight levels, and other agricultural data. The results are regularly beamed back to a central computer that aggregates all the information and irrigates only those areas that need it — and only for the amount of time they need it.”

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