Off-Grid Homesteaders in Pop Mechanics

Oct 2009 Popular Mechanics Self Reliance issueThe New Homesteaders: Off-the-Grid and Self-Reliant” is the title of the main feature of the October, 2009 issue of Popular Mechanics. The cover says it’s the “Self Reliance Issue,” but the largest font size goes to the word “SURVIVAL.”

Yet another indication that the recession is over and prosperity is right around the corner. (That was sarcasm.)

We might be heading for a brief sucker’s rally when most of the stimulus funds are due to work their way into the financial system starting in August next year, lasting for a few months up to the election (and then crashing again).

The cool green tech things emerging from the labs that I believe will eventually bring energy independence, economic growth and comforts to the masses still need a few years of testing and ramping up to make a difference at the large scale.

I recommend a personal “individual mandate” for everyone to install off-grid food, water, energy, waste recycling and communications capability. Avoiding the big cities during a time of reduced protection, utilities, and relief budgets might be prudent during the coming food riots.

Perhaps I’m just a paranoid malcontent, but I’m in interesting company. Famous billionaires are buying farmland. I think it was Jack Spirko in a past episode of The Survival Podcast who was wondering out loud (I’m taking liberties with my paraphrasing) about why unsentimental money grubbing greedheads would invest in such a precarious and unprofitable enterprise as farming. What do they know that we don’t? Maybe that hyperinflation and food shortages are coming?

From Energy and Capital, a website for investors from an article titled “Farmland Fever“:

“Legendary investor Jim Rogers has been all over the investing press this year, saying that farmland is his preferred vehicle. “If I’m right, agriculture is going to be one of the greatest industries in the next 20 years, 30 years,” he said in a March interview with CNBC. He is now the director of two funds which are developing new farmland in Brazil and Canada.”

“Major investors who have caught the farmland fever include George Soros and Richard Rainwater.”

There are some folks in the arts who trying to cash in on the bad economy. This weekend New York is hosting the Blackout Film Festival, with 18 films about “The Great Recession.”

Don’t forget J. Neil Schulman’s classic novel, Alongside Night, about the American economic collapse and rebirth, which you can download free.

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