Mcgyan Breakthrough: Biodiesel in 6 Seconds

A description of a biodiesel making breakthrough, called the Mcgyan Process, from Minnesota’s Augsburg College and SarTec Corporation found its way into my inbox thanks to a Google Alert.

The name “Mcgyan” comes from the three inventors’ names–McNeff, Gyberg, and Yan.

Another article in WCCO describes the process and benefits in a concise nutshell:

“Taking an idea from Brian Krohn — Clayton McNeff, Augsburg Professor Arlin Gyberg and Ben Yan developed this process using zirconia.”

“Known as the Mcgyan process, it can change anything with oil — pine trees, soybeans, used cooking oil, even algae — into biodiesel. There’s no water and no waste. And it’s cheap.”

The fast, cheap and portable process is discussed in this video report at YouTube.

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