Geodesic Improvement of Chook Domes

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Permaculture Noosa describes a geodesic enhancement to the classic Linda Woodrow chook dome design.

Who thought Bucky Dome Climbers for kids had such a practical use? Too small for a human dome home (thanks PlanetGreenTV), but the perfect sized skeleton for an improved chicken tractor.

Now one person can lift the enclosure intact instead of needing two people to hold it together while moving it to the next patch of turf, thanks to what Buckminster Fuller called “tensegrity.”

A chicken tractor converts weed riddled land into fertile garden soil while saving money on chicken feed.

Planting Milkwood describes the chicken tractor in the post titled “How To: build a Geodesic Chook Dome.”

“Maybe you’re already familiar with that classic Permaculture tool known as the Chicken Tractor / Chook Dome system. No? Awright - in a nutshell: In this context, a Chicken Tractor is any structure that can be moved from place to place in a garden with a bunch of chickens housed in it. The chickens living in the tractor do what chickens are so good at: scratching up the soil and turning it over, making short work of any greenstuff to be found, and spreading their manure the length and breadth of the space available to them (not to mention producing eggs and more chickens).”

The same page has detailed plans for your geodesic chook dome.

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