Wind Power Costs, Risks and Progress

FloDesign jet engine style wind turbine.The cost of permits for a wind power system from various local government agencies may multiply the money you have to spend compared to just buying an installed system. Yikes!

Check out this outrageous item about Ventura County, California, “Will Red Tape Stop Green?

Also, since finding out that the PVC cut-out blades for some homebrew designs won’t last much longer than a few months in the sun before flying apart and throwing pieces with razor sharp edges considerable distances in random directions, I’ve been looking for alternative do it yourself wind power systems.

Additionally, some turbines built from DIY plans or kits are reported not to spin at all, or if they do, to become unstable and start shaking violently just when useful energy might have been obtained.

Back to the drawing board. While conducting a search for more reliable alternatives, I found a jet engine inspired wind turbine design from MIT published in December, 2008, but new to me. CleanTechnica reports “New Compact Turbine Could Triple Wind Power Output” compared to conventional blades.

FloDesign’s smaller size and attractiveness might even help with zoning issues. Check out the FloDesign concept video on YouTube.

In the comments and next to it on the playlist were links to videos about Wind Tamer, which supposedly has patents to this concept already and is installing residential systems now. It’s a fast moving world. Here’s a Wind Tamer video.

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  1. Bacnet Says:

    Wind Power is one of the best alternative energy sources that we should utilize, it is very clean and non-polluting. I built a small wind generator at home which can power small appliances.

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