Hemp Biofuel Test Underway in Canada

Hemp fueled car.
Alan Bock posted an item on Orange County Register’s “Orange Punch” online, “Testing hemp for biofuel,” with a link to the original story in Canada.

Bock wrote, “Think maybe this would be worth trying in California? Even on a pilot basis to see if Jack Herer’s claims about hemp hold water?”

ArsTechnica recently published a general summary of biofuel options in their article “Greening the Pump with Next Generation Biofuels.”

I posted something about a Hemp Car back in December of 2008, which now has dead links except for this mission accomplished site and a mention of Hemp for Oil in Cannabis News.

One of CN’s recent stories is about decriminalization of all drugs in Mexico City. Cannabis News also linked to a Drug War Rant post, which contained an interesting idea about targeting a drug freedom message to comedy fans.

There may be something to that, because Conan made fun of the Mexico City situation on The Tonight Show.

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