Endless Domestic Enemies

“Our freedoms are eroding faster than the topsoil,” said the late Marshall Fritz.

Even left wing permaculturists are asking if “The Busybody State” (their phrase) is out to get them.

“As any old hippy will tell you, festivals aren’t what they used to be. Gone are the days when you could announce a happening, call up a few mates with drums and guitars and put the word out that something groovy and free was about to kick off. In these buttoned-down times it would be treated like an Al Qaeda training camp.”

Meanwhile, ARS Technica reports news from “the 18,000-person war” on noncommercial file-sharers.

The US Department of Justice has weighed in on Jammie Thomas-Rasset’s $1.92 million liability for damages, calling the amount perfectly constitutional. In fact, Congress intended for such massive damages to fall like a stone upon even noncommercial P2P users.

Hippies are hassled, labor is let go, the middle class is mangled, and now the rich are ripe for rebellion. Those with enough gumption to hide their money in Switzerland are being ratted out to the Feds, see. And you killed my brother, you. . .

Now before you rejoice at the fairness and tax justice of it all, consider how collecting that dough will affect domestic tranquility. Would you expect to sleep peacefully after torching Al Capone’s mansion if he was still alive and at large with his remaining bags of money? Don’t you think he might be a bit irked?

Not content to mess with 18,000 proficient, socially networked, P2P computer users, the Feds are also going after 52,000 rich people to the tune of $15 billion. That’s a drop in the bailout bucket for the wasteful government, but to highly efficient, economically savvy, and now revenge minded captains, or at least lieutenants, of industry, that’s real money.

Fox News is happy to publish the entire AP story, which I won’t even quote because more than four words used and AP goes after the blogger. Time to use UPI, Reuters, or any other grown-up news source. They’re using the cutesy name “tax dodger” to describe these targets of the IRS crackdown. That brings to mind some Dilbert fudging a hundred dollar deduction, not someone socking a million bucks offshore.

I wonder what a hit costs in these depressed times? I’d bet it’s a bargain.

Tackling “tax dodgers.” Talk about bringing the war home. Good luck with that.

Another reason I’m bullish on Anarchy.

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