What Are You Afraid Of?

Is the pig or the shark more deadly?I’ve been following Bruce Schneier’s career since I reviewed the first edition of his Applied Cryptography book for the Agorist Quarterly in 1995.

Just a few years ago, Schneier was talking about the probability of post-9/11 threats on a computer security podcast. The chance of any particular American facing terrorist violence is nearly zero. But there are some real threats from mundane criminals, accidents and lifestyle risk factors.

Bruce Schneier on security.

Similarly, Jack Spirko of The Survival Podcast explains why he talks less about foraging in the wilderness and more about stocking up food, water and tools. Most people are not going to be lost in the woods, but most will lose a job or have some local power outage or road failure due to extreme weather, fire, or earthquake.

From TSP’s show notes for the episode 10 Methods of Storing Food for Modern Survival (Listen online now or download the audio).

Methods of Food Storage we Discuss Today…

* Dehydration
* Canning
* Common Storage
* Long Shelf Life Commodities
* MREs and Prepper Specialized Foods
* Making Meads, Beers and Wines
* Root Cellaring
* Smoking
* Freezing and Blanching
* In Ground Vegetable Storage

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