Biodiesel & Clothes Wash Near Waterless

Xeros at GizMag
Xeros virtually waterless washing machine.
Catilin non toxic “T300″ nano catalyst replaces caustic methoxide and all the water washing needed to dilute it.

“Our solid catalyst makes it so much easier,” says Larry Lenhart, Catilin CEO. “It’s safe and nontoxic, and it requires less expense to run. You don’t need to do the mixtures with acids and pH balance, and you can eliminate water washing.” With fewer steps, potentially 30 percent of the equipment in a standard biodiesel plant can be eliminated, he adds.

Catilin is the company formed by Ames research to commercialize the technology.

Attempts to reduce water consumption are colliding with increased washing machine use. The Xeros system uses as little as one cup of water with its reusable nylon beads acting as a solvent. The system may also find applications in dry cleaning and large industrial processes.

Here’s the Leeds University press release for the Xeros virtually waterless washing machine.

“We’ve shown that it can remove all sorts of everyday stains including coffee and lipstick whilst using a tiny fraction of the water used by conventional washing machines.”

One commenter did the math and estimates up to 880 Xeros wash loads compared to the water used in one conventional wash load.

2 Responses to “Biodiesel & Clothes Wash Near Waterless”

  1. Jack Says:

    i use Biodiesel on my car. i think everyone should use biodiesel so that each one can at least contribute to the environment.

  2. Hanna Says:

    we should patronize the use of Biodiesel because it is a renewable source and fossil fuels would soon be depleted. `

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