A Last Meeting. Also, Goat Towers and Seeds.

Goat Tower (Wikipedia).ABC (Australia) Rural reports, “Group that started permaculture holds its last meeting“.

And here’s a couple of random Mound-day items. First, a Boing Boing post describing goat towers is worth reading and has cute photos. That goats are curious and like to climb on things was confirmed for me when I found goats on top of my car while visiting a friend living at what later became a Crustacean movie set location.

While the front page of the online Financial Times discusses green shoots withering due to pessimistic investors, inside there’s an article titled “Seeds of discontent,” a review of three new books about seeds and the history of plant genetics. Weird times these are, hmm?

“There seems to be something innocent about Burbank’s lifelong work of plant breeding, summed up by the chef and Slow Food guru Alice Waters: “There’s nothing wrong with improving plants. Luther Burbank … did that. But he didn’t violate nature doing it.” To put it another way, it’s hard to imagine that Burbank would breed varieties designed to look good and last for ever but that taste of practically nothing, like those that fill so many supermarket shelves.”

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