Cheap Wind Power Choices

TriplePundit reports “Small Wind Beginning to Make a Big Difference.” For those of you concerned with U.S. trade balance, there’s good news:

“What’s even more encouraging is that U.S. manufacturers–such as Mariah Wind profiled here on 3P–accounted for about half of total worldwide small wind turbine sales.”

For the cheap DIY folks, while I am skeptical of all those Earth4Energy affiliates (operating under different, but similar names), there does seem to be enough real information on Layne Erikson’s (Autolayne) previous free YouTube videos (recently reposted) that his new ebook may be worth his $25 asking price.

The ebook describes how to make an improved wind power system that runs at slower wind speeds (five blades instead of three in his free design), has step by step organized instructions with photographs, and uses commonly available plumbing and used car parts. I just wish toxic PVC pipe could be avoided, but hey, maybe there’s no easy alternative. (Fishing for a comment to prove me wrong, please).

Of course, there’s always the free Instructables 1,000 watt wind turbine design.

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