Life Imitates Art In Forests and Robots

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Summer Glau.
Sigal Ratner-arias reports that the Venezuelan Rain Forest Inspired ‘Up’, (the 2009 animated feature, not the 1976 Russ Meyer movie). Don’t get them confused when obtaining videos for family entertainment.

Friends remember the notorious weird Meyer film and say the new feature is great. Guess I’ll check it out soon. I won’t admit seeing Land of the Lost or the Vegas Hangover flick.

A not quite so guilty pleasure for me was the Sarah Connor Chronicles series on Fox, which has officially been canceled. The new Terminator movie was not enough to be the TV show’s Salvation.

Of course, Terminator seems to be official U.S. military policy, according to this article published today in The Register, forwarded to me by J. Neil Schulman.

“In any case, it seems plain that building a system focused on “high-level cognition” which can “participate in its own construction” will be fraught with difficulty. You might have a notion of what you’d like it to be, but it will have its own ideas. By definition, one would have no firm picture of just what would be unleashed upon an unsuspecting world at the end of the construction process - but you would know that it’d be potentially able to make more of itself, or indeed repair itself if it got damaged.”

DARPA’s Dr. Mike Cox calls the proposed system SELF, not the fictional Skynet.

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