Ron Paul endorses Alongside Night

Alongside Night. As Free As We Want To Be.

The headline says it all. Congressman Ron Paul, a recent U.S. Presidential candidate and popular leader of the Campaign For Liberty, just endorsed Neil’s agorist novel, Alongside Night. Says Neil, “We just received the following endorsement on Alongside Night via Ron Paul’s aide, Norman Singleton.”

“J. Neil Schulman’s Alongside Night may be even more relevant today than it was in 1979. Hopefully, the special thirtieth anniversary edition of this landmark work of libertarian science fiction will inspire a new generation of readers to learn more about the ideas of liberty and become active in the freedom movement.”

–Congressman Ron Paul

Neil was interviewed on video by the Motorhome Diaries team as was Ron Paul.

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  1. Indoor gardening | Organic Gardening Magazine Says:

    […] The headline says it all. Congressman Ron Paul , a recent U.S. Presidential candidate and popular leader of the Campaign For Liberty , just endorsed Neil’s agorist novel, Alongside Night . Says Neil, “We just received the following endorsement on Alongside Night via Ron Paul’s aide, Norman Singleton.” “J. Neil Schulman’s Alongside Night may be even more relevant today than it was in 1979. Hopefully, the special thirtieth anniversary edition of this landmark work o Organic Gardening News […]

  2. H.B.Krishna Chary Says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Sub : Water Resources and Endangering to Human Life in India

    AS I am a Permaworld member giving reply as below due to impact of permaculture ethics is nill.

    This is to inform that India is a agricultural Land with a huge water resources but if in rainy season water going into the sea due to not having water dam projects.

    The Government of India taken precautionary measures in starting water dams by taking world bank loans saying political leaders that projects will be complete in another five years.

    In the above case the ruling government having corruption activities by giving projects to their own relatives , having no technological experience in handling projects.

    The opposition parties have shown evidence in poor quality of building projects.

    In country like india, there is no hydrology project for drinking safe water.

    As a permaworld member , my suggestion is that , in coutry like india agriculture production should make as a business with a cost effective to yield money and wealth in thier families for farmers.

    The cost of food items in india to be more high value

    The real estate market should be fall down due to water is shortage in the planet and another reason is sun rays directly hitting to the earth. The Ground level of water day by day decreasing . Therefore real estate market in india should be fall down, particularly in metro cities.

    The International communities and world health organisation to provide guidance support to the government of india for safe drinking water without endangering to the lives of human beings.

    For your information, in india politics is a business to yield money . As per media report one lakh crores of indian politician money is available in swiss bank account.

    The whole money has to be freeze and distribute to the development of the indian economy and resources.

    This is for your information,

    Thanking you,

    H.B.Krishna Chary
    Permaworld member
    World Bank Member ( email updates)

  3. H.B.Krishna Chary Says:

    Sub:Installation of Cell Phone Towers in Residential Areas

    Dear Sir,

    In India, Cell phone towers are installed in the residential areas. Cell Phone towers are hazardous to the human health and more dangerous due to radiation waves produces from the cell phone towers.

    As per medical reports and counseling, the complaints are getting as headaches , skin tissue diseases and cancer. Indian house wives are at home affecting the above diseases immediately , particularly pregnant womens.

    Building owners are attracted to installation of cell phone towers at thier residences due to coming huge rents with long lease aggreements.

    The government of india is also not effective to remove cell phone towers due to government officials are corrupt in tactics.

    Kindly forward this message to world health organisation to take action immediately on india.

    This is for your information that in the year 1975 , US citizens are capable in using cell phones. Most of the deaths occurred. As a corrective and preventive action , take necessary action on india to safeguard the childrens, youths, old aged human beings.

    H.B.Krishna Chary
    Permaworld Member

  4. H.B.Krishna Chary Says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Sub :Save India from Debt : Subsidies and Revenue Loss to Government

    This is to inform that India is a Multi Party system. As there are more than 700 political parties in India.

    The Politicians are using best tactics using subsidies and free supply of Electricity.

    The Congress Party has win General Elections two times due to promised to give subsidies on Rice (Public Distribution system), Free Electricity to the Agriculturists, Health schemes and Housing constrution .

    The concept of giving oppurtunity and offers to poor is very good .

    The Government of India is in Debt with Lakhs of crores in rupees and paying interest to the World Bank .

    I request the World Leaders to pressurise to debt free India.

    The Opposition Parties also promising in the manifesto free supply of rice, free electricity and free money .

    The Politicians are attracting citizens by thier Subsidies manthras.

    India is not developed and also citizens not developed due to lack of knowledge information.

    The Government of India is using tactics that revenues generating sources are transferring into the subsidies.

    I request the World Leaders to stop subsidies and make debt free India.
    If India is debt free , every citizen can live happily at their survival fittest.
    Automatically India develops within the short period of time.

    This is for your information to Ban Subsidies In India and Make debt free India.

    This message also sent to the World Bank Organization

    H.B.Krishna Chary
    Permaworld Member

  5. H.B.Krishna Chary Says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Sub : To Recede Recession in India

    This is to inform to resolve recession by lowering the demand values of the following as below

    1. Immovable Properties and house rents : In the constitution of india , amendment has to be enacted to make right to property to every citizen particularly below poverty line citizens. The Right to property has been eliminated during the preparation of constitution.

    2. Essential commodities : India is a agriculture land with water resources. Due to imperfect government , the agriculture lands has been converted into the real estates.

    3. Textiles and ready made garments : In India, textile market is sale from the manufacturer to distributors and the distributor will sale to wholesaler and wholesaler will sale to retailer. Then retailer will sale to consumers.

    4. Foot wear : In India footwear prices should be decreased as far as possible due to leather made footwear is not making.

    This is for your information to make /implement practice in india.

    H.B.Krishna Chary
    Permaworld Member

  6. H.B.Krishna Chary Says:

    Dear Sir,

    Sub: Earth is in danger

    I appreciate the developed country that the film “2012′ EARTH IS IN DANGER on December 29th.

    This film can guide all the countries ‘What the forward outcome results to face”.

    What I mean to say “India is a commercial country with corrupt ruling politicians. Therefore If you have suggest to make powers .

    Kindly lower the demad values of agricultural lands, metro cities
    lands including real estate rates, cement, bricks, steel in india.
    Particularly , Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad

    This is for your information to do the justice in india.

    Sincerely and Regards
    H.B.Krishna Chary
    Caring for the People helping people services
    Permaworld Member

  7. H.B.Krishna Chary Says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    SubL Elocution Message

    Any Nation , the importance of the natural resources is an assets of ingrediants susceptible surviving for the citizens. The citizens should be coercion to over edification exaggerately to promt rationale & price performance sensitive to fulfill basic human rights.

    The nation with all the levels have stability systems to decorous by prospering the citizens to promulgate with steer for mobilize in oppurtunities right to work, live for the nation as the record of the descent of the persons.

    The Education & right to work can be fulfill the basic human rights if in any surviellance & caring the earth because the policy orientation systems of checks & balances in all the levels of technological categories can be proved targetted efficiently earlier thanplanned goals.

    “The Citizens of the world have an exaggerate “MARS PLANET” repose, we care for our planet due to air surface temperatures significances of any nation to bewitch earth environment must be caring by the citizens of the world for safety of the future generations by thier forward outcome results.

    To Procreate safety, the following as below:

    1. The nation citizens caring the earth by planting trees for the future planted as spreading emissions due to owned the vehicles.

    2. The nation citizens imagine about water resources if any confrontations society areas taking up precautionary measures.

    3. If the citizens has the business, should have really motive power to serve the people helping people need for the society.

    4. If the citizen is the employee, should have really to serve for the organisation goals with time to work, work to be done planned permanently with consistent efficient results.

    5. The citizens should have awareness about natural calamities eg. Seism, drought in monsoon are the cause of need financial help which is the toughest discipline for any nation.

    6. The citizens should have awareness about globalisation that the business is sharing resources to yield economy for any nation.

    7. The citizens must be yield measurable consistent victories from the business of sales with quality, quantity, reasonable with cost effective to achieve by all the categories of the communities.

    8. The citizens has to be experienced the truth that agriculture is a business resource for any nation to yield economy for his family moorings & for his nation standard concepts along with education technologies.

    9.The citizens has to be prove by thier incomes if any savings by satisfaction of objectives in commitments & dedication for thier work performance levels.

    10. The citizens has to be respect tax laws if any nation because the economy is the need for the nation concerned people.

    H.B.Krishna Chary
    Earth Care Member
    Caring for Earth, People and our Planet
    Permaworld Member

  8. H.B.Krishna Chary Says:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    Sub: Lower demand values in real estate

    This is to inform that the worldbank organisation is caring all the developing and underdeveloped countries by giving credit loans in the long term period.

    India has got independence in 1947 at midnight but the country citizens are poor till yet due to corruption in the politics , Government , business corporates.

    To remove poverty in india only solution is to lower demand values in urban and rural real estate, fee structure should be common in private schools and colleges, lower the demand values of fees in corporate hospitals.

    The above reasons to be resolve . Every indian citizen should care earth and people helping people. The world is going to be face natural disaster in 2013 due to asteroids hitting the earth. This is genuine message with proof of NASA and earth in danger websites.

    India is a multy party system thereby politicians are making states to be form smaller states for eg: Andhra pradesh should be divided into two states by making telengana seperate state. There is no particular reason to form Telangana because Citizens are same community with caste ,creed and religion.

    India has constitution pattern of your London government , Indian constitution has Right to property but eliminated . This government order is pending in the parliament. The world bank should put pressure to implement Right to property. This will resolve every problem in india.

    This is for your information to resolve above problems india.

  9. h.b.krishna chary Says:

    Dear sir,

    To eradicate poverty , there should be no multy parties because decisions cannot be made due to hung assembly and hung parliament

  10. H.B.Krishna Chary Says:

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    Sub: Please save the future of India

    This message was prepared by me on behalf of poverty citizens in india , since independance 1947 to 2013 have till yet Poverty
    more than 60% of population.

    Thereby , ruling party congress government has taken good
    to provide food security to 82 crores of population.
    Before implementation of food security bill, government of india should take burden of revenue deficit inoccur by food security bill .

    How far the food security support the citizens , whether the bill eradicates poverty , not at all. What are the remedial measures take to remove poverty , needs revenue?

    Firstly, the government of india should make awareness about whether food shortage occure in india.

    The demand of food increases day by day due to crude oil prices will increasing.

    We have no technology of solar vehicles, hydrogen vehicles, electricity vehicles. We should totally depend on crude oil.
    The whole burden will be put by increasing petrol price. Automatically, the food prices will also increase.

    Corrective and preventive action

    First database the problems inoccur by the following sectors

    1.As per constitution of india, Education, hospitals and hotels come under service sector instead of business sector.
    Implement the service sector bill in the parliament, automatically
    the demand of education, hospitals,\ hotels lower decreases the price rates.

    2.As per constitution of india , right to poverty has no option for citizens. Implement the bill of right to poverty in the parliament.
    Automatically the demand of immovable properties will be lower down by decrereasing rates and also house cum business rents

    3.As per constitution of india, formation of seperate states has an option . But to eradicate problems, implement the bill, seperation of states will be possible only if the state is developed and free of poverty.

    4. As per constitution of india, politicians having crimal records and convicted should not represent in the elections. Implement the bill in the parliament . This is most important decision to save country citizens security.

    5.The government of india should take full support from judiciary and implement the above bills in parliament without doing vote bank politics.

    In india , the citizens facing problems from political parties only not by actual personal problems.

    H.B.Krishna Chary
    Permaworld member
    Caring for people helping people

  11. H.B.Krishna Chary Says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Sub:The Yellow Metal(Gold demand devalue in India and Worldwide)

    Forward this message to concerned department organisations of below responsibilities and do vote bank politics.

    Purpose: To ensure to devalue the demand of gold in south asia and other countries

    Scope: If Gold demand devalue persists , the economy of developing and underdeveloped countries rises as per the GDP growth

    Responsibility :World Trade organisation WTO, International Monetary Fund IMF, World Bank Organisation , World Gold Council

    Root Causes and Reasons :
    As there are 196 countries world wide, out of 196 countries, gold resources are in 90 countries

    As per world bank report, Low income nations are 35 countries, Lower middle income countries are 56 countries, upper middle income countries are 54 countries.
    Therefore , 146 countries are average income generating countries in the world.

    If above countries inflation rises due to gold value increases and crude oil prises increases because the above countries are dependant on petrol and diesel transportation only.

    The responsibility organisations can devalue gold easily and strengthen the economy of United states (dollar value increases)

    This issue has to be put infront of United nations Conference on Trade and development that the developing and underdeveloped countries problems relating to their economic development can be resolved by devaluing gold rate and controlling the prises of crude oil in arab nations .
    For eg. Gold is very precious metal for ornaments wearing in india by citizens. In the year 2001 , the gold price for 10gms is just Rs.4000 and in December 2012 gold price for 10 gms is Rs.33000

    In india the marriages are done by the way of gold ornaments gifting from poor to rich depending on their financial position, without gold marriages are not done by Indians. Indians are most dependant on unearned incomes like investing money in gold purchase, share market, house rents and business rents, interest fiancé mafia.

    If the united nation devalue the unearned incomes , then the decisions on economy development can be easily resolved. This is my experience faced as an Indian.
    Another problem is Terrorism, the terrorist organisations emerges from the underdeveloped and developing countries only due to lack of financial stability in their families, lack of employment, Lack of infrastructure, thereby poverty increases and at the same time terrorism develops as a victims against society and their country.

    India is a developing country but the government is providing welfare schemes to the poor citizens, as there is no end to resolve this issue continues till existing government gets vote banks for coming elections.
    Indian economy lowering due to subsidies from petrol to food. If the position of india is like this, what about the 146 lower income generating countries in the world.

    Another impact is climate change, agriculture fields are damaging either by cyclones or drought situations. Thereby , the countries are importing the essential commodities and price rise as the demand of commodities get shortage.
    Human development in india cannot be resolved by providing welfare schemes, these schemes are helpful in vote bank politics only.
    All terrorist groups and organisations in the countries emerges from low living standards.

    Therefore, my feedback is to strengthen the living standards of human beings in 146 countries by devalue the gold and control the crude oil prices and strengthen the united states dollar rate.
    This is for your information to evaluate the above feedback and do justice for low, middle income countries.
    H.B.Krishna Chary
    Permaworld member
    Caring for people helping people

  12. H.B.Krishna Chary Says:

    Dear Sir,

    This message was prepared by me on behalf of disputes along with agitations and dharnas activating in india of andhra pradesh state . The issue is contentious not able to solve problems since from 2004 year

    Sub : Chaos Telangana Bill in Parliament and implement election agenda bill

    Purpose: To ensure to form bifurcation and make justice to samaikyandhra citizens

    Scope: Congress ruling party pressurised with regional parties and committed to form telengana state.

    Procedure :During the election manifesto in 2009 elections, congress ruling party not having any agenda to form bifurication of Telengana state. Thereby samaikyandhra voted for congress candidates in winning the elections.

    If congress ruling party have agenda of T-state in 2009 elections, Congress never wins elections.

    The agitations of telengana leaders have their own stand on T-state since from 2004 elections

    The agitations of samaikyandhra citizens will not provide justice by ruling party.

    If the ruling party form T-state before 2014 elections, the congress never wins in Andhra region.

    If the ruling party not form T-state before 2014 elections, the congress never wins in telengana and Andhra region.

    Note : implement the election agenda bill in parliament .
    The Bill states that any party contesting for elections in 2014 , whatever agendas having in election manifesto should be implement with a scientific way by constitution, judiciary and parliament , if the party forms the government. Although opposition strikes for their stand , not able to act by ruling party.

    The Bill should be enforced in the parliament should be effective all states of our country to prevent T-state like agitations.

    Corrective and preventive actions is to implement the election agenda bill in parliament.

    By implementing this election agenda bill , we can prevent By elections in future course of elections.

    This is for your information,
    With regards
    H.B.Krishna Chary
    Permaworld Member

  13. H.B.Krishna Chary Says:

    Sub: Save Indian economy by increasing GDP by eradicating Duplicate Manufacturings and sales

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    At present our government is facing financially problems with decreasing GDP to 4.4% and incresing inflation.

    Our responsibility to convict duplicate sales and implement sales tax to every production. Thereby we can helpful to government economy.

    Since from 20 years I am observing duplicate sales in india

    About 99% of duplicate sales are run without taxes.

    To raid the shops and thier godowns and convict in the media , thereby we can minimise duplicate sales in our country.

    At present indian citizens are feeling uncomfortable due to price rising of petrol and diesel .

    Nothing is impossible in india , mu india can make debt free if the government administration cope up with duplicate manufacturing and sales in the shops.

    The 1st sale of the product from manufacturer, 2nd sale from dealer, 3rd sale from wholesaler , 4rth sale from retailer 5th sale to customer . Thereby , customer is loosing money due to fraud system of business environment in india.

    If the efficient government implement atleast 5% tax to every sale of product by eradicating the duplicate manufacturings.we can control price risings in future because petrol prices risings cannot be stopped and always ruppee value weakens.

    If ruppee value make strengthen , we should cope up with taxation of the products and elimination of duplicate products in india.

    Save indian economy by eradicating duplicate manufacturing and sales in india
    This message also to be sent to director consumer affaires of india
    H.B.Krishna Chary
    permaworld member

  14. H.B.Krishna Chary Says:

    Sub: To Demand value for Gold Bars and Coins -To Devalue for Gold Jewellary

    Dear Sir/Madam

    Purpose :To ensure to make demand value for gold bars, coins due to purity level will be 100%.
    To ensure to make devalue for gold jewellary due to purity level not at desired estimated value when buying the gold.

    Root Causes and Reasons

    In india like underdeveloped country having more than 50 % population are middle income and poor people. As per the culture of indian tradition of marriages , every parent buys gold or gold jewellary to his daughter /other traditions.

    During the course of human life, when gold jewellary kept to bank or pawnbroker to get money , customer recover money below estimated value.
    When customer buys gold biscuit or coins , then he/she given to make jewellary

    Root C

  15. H.B.Krishna Chary Says:

    Sub: To Demand value for Gold Bars and Coins -To Devalue for Gold Jewellary

    Dear Sir/Madam

    Purpose :To ensure to make demand value for gold bars, coins due to purity level will be 100%.
    To ensure to make devalue for gold jewellary due to purity level not at desired estimated value when buying the gold.

    Root Causes and Reasons

    In india like underdeveloped country having more than 50 % population are middle income and poor people. As per the culture of indian tradition of marriages , every parent buys gold or gold jewellary to his daughter /other traditions.

    During the course of human life, when gold jewellary kept to bank or pawnbroker to get money , customer recover money below estimated value.
    When customer buys gold biscuit or coins , then he/she given to make jewellary

    Root Causes and reasons

    When customer buys gold biscuit / coin then he given to make jewellary to gold smith or gold jewellary manufacturing process shop.
    Once the gold melts into liquid , they will contaminate the gold by mixing different alloys to get thier desired purity levels because they need to gain gold residue/financial benefit by trick or by lying .The trick is gold manufacturing loss is genuine in tradition of gold works in india.

    Corrective action is gold loans with banks or pawnbrokers are should eager to give loans to gold bars /coins only to make more demand for gold.

    When customer gives gold jewellary for loans with banks/pawnbrokers, particularly the pawn brokers always makes customer not sensible and lacks good judgement to wind up with less money than its jewellary estimated full value.

    The estimated value of gold jewellary given by pawn brokers varies different depending on thier profits .

    Corrective action is to make gold jewellary devalue due to manufacturing gold jewellary mixing contaminants of alloys.

    Another information is wearing gold jewellary buying in india will be carcinogenic .This technique of manufacturing gold jewellary should be banned in india.

    H.B.Krishna Chary
    Permaworld member
    Caring people helping people makes india strengthen

  16. H.B.Krishna Chary Says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Sub :Sexual offences against woman in India

    Purpose : To control sexual offences in india particularly in metro cities

    Scope : Unreported rape cases in india are more than actual reported rape cases

    Procedure: The rape cases in india are common and doubled since from two years due to culture systems .

    India has vast rules and regulations on Judiciary but punishments are very weak .

    Indian traditional systems are transform with western culture activities.

    Root Cause of sexual offences :

    The main root cause of sexual offences in india is due to public exhibiting of women in a obsene scenes in bollywood and tollywood movies.

    The heroine is also a woman but acts really on the sets by exposing her private parts and the hero/villain also really acts on the sets by touching her private parts .

    Corrective actions to prevent sexual offences in india:

    1. Ban shake hands of men and woman

    2.Ban co-education and co-education colleges

    3.Ban entry of womans in clubs/pubs

    4.There should be seperate ladies seats to be provide in cinema halls by banning entry of couples in theatres.

    5.Ban nightshifts of duties for womans in software centres

    6.Ban rape scenes in movies made in india

    7.Ban internet porn sites in india

    8.Ban prostitution centres in india

    9.Provide ladies buses for transportation in india

    10.Prohibit of sitting lady and gents on one seats of buses

    11.Ban datings and contract marriages in india

    12.Ban MLA’s and MP’s /all political leaders who are convicted in rape attempts cases .

    Revision histories: Doubles rape cases in india although punishments make strict.
    The above corrective actions should be implement by Judiciary

    Without implementing the above procedures , the rape attempts will be common and also unreported cases will be higher in india.

    If the Judiciary or Law and order not taken precautionary measures , it will be uncomfortable feeling for parents and house wifes.


    H.B.Krishna Chary
    Permaworld Member
    People helping People makes humanity strenghthen
    Caring for people

  17. H.B.Krishna Chary Says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Sub: Agriculture Farmers and mafia Brokers in Andhra Pradesh

    This message was prepared by me on behalf of price rise of onions and other essential commodities .

    Indian states is a land of agriculture harvest . Since from independance agriculture systems are not developed depending on rains only.

    Sometimes during the seasons attack heavy rains or drought to affect agriculture .Thereby also increase food inflation .

    In the ruling period of Telugudesam Party , the dynamic leader of andhra pradesh Mr.Nara Chandrababu naidu introduced and implemented “RHYTHU BAZAARS in Hyderabad city (means farmer can cultivate agriculture and he can sell his commodities and vegetables in the market. There will be no brokers or dallarulu mediators . Through this system farmer can be benefitted by selling vegetables and also public also gets cheap price of vegetables .

    After the era of Telugu desam party , the congress ruling party removed Rythu Bazaar systems in Hyderabad . The brokers and dallarulu enter in the market . It seems no role of civil supplies department in controlling prise rise of essential commodities and vegetables.

    The brokers and dallarulus tie up with farmers and the brokers provide crop loans unofficially to farmers with an formal decision about future rate price of commodities/vegetables.

    The farmer cultivates the crop and sells his commodities/vegetables to brokers . The broker demands the price to increase eg.onions depending on the situation of godown stock. The brokers always kept the commodities in the godowns and sells by blackmarketing techniques .

    The poor farmer already takes money from broker by selling in cheap price . if in case heavy rains/drought attacks , the poor farmer takes compensation from the government.

    India is a agriculture land and should not get food shortage and price rise . If getting prise rise of essential commodities/vegetables , there is a fault of government inefficiency .

    Corrective action
    *There should be no involvement of brokers or mediators in selling commodities /vegetables

    *If farmer is convicted by taking loan from broker , he should not be eligible for government loans/compensations

    *In a year Prise fluctuations should be done in a seasons only.

    *The civil supplies department should control prise rise of essential commodities/vegetables . Strict vigilants should be kept in all market yards in trouble shooting the prise rise.

    *Ban of blackmarketing essentail commodities/vegetables.

    If above points should be implemented , the government can control food inflation and onion prices as earliast.

    H.B.Krishna Chary
    One world country Citizen
    People helping People strenghthens humanity
    Permaworld member
    Caring for people

  18. H.B.Krishna Chary Says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Sub : Save My Independance India from bifurcation issues and Mafias culture in unorganised business sectors

    Today the government machinery trouble shooting on the issue of bifurication contentious issue will be resolved on basis of scientific way .

    Our country democratic system , every party formed in our country on the concept of well beings of citizens by national parties and regional parties.

    Since from independence hunger strikes are still continuing because of poverty, underdevelopment .

    I request the high command of govt machinery, to realize past at independence, Japan country is very poor than india. What we can compare now japan with india.

    Our state leaders and entrepeuners have talent to build our state like japan as planned .
    Development is not possible for any government if contentious issues arise .
    The root cause of problems in india is poverty , only corrective action and preventive action is industrial developments in all fields, if industries develop , we can provide job oppurtunities to youths and exports will be done . thereby rupee value can be strenghthened.
    At present , we have to solve the problems in a sophisticated and scientific way, development agenda should be in all parties .
    The welfare schemes providing to the citizens is also a development but is there any end to provide welfare schemes. The development can be seen in future when the public not require schemes.
    The god has given thinking , talking, listening capacity to judge in a way to resolve problems in forward outcome results.
    Therefore don’t come to stop business environment , if business falls down , the public will have to face problems.

    All parties should not participate in dharnas, hunger strikes . As there is no meaning if we done hungerstrikes and dharnas.
    We the people of india should question ourself that problems are arising due to poverty and only solution is development .

    Samanayam: The telangan decision is came due to agenda stand of TRS party but not given agenda by congress party. Thereby, the Andhra agitation is going on..If ruling party has given in 2009 elections of telangana stand. The ruling party will not form the govt.
    The justice to samanayam for both regions will be shortly given by public only in coming elections of 2014.

    The Capital of andhra pradesh has become shelter for mafias . About 90 % of unorganised business running in hyderabad .
    1. Finance Mafias : are giving money for interest ranging from Rs5 to Rs.10 for 100 per month

    2.Gold Mafias : The gold jewellary selling in a fraud way by using calibration techniques of scanners and weights and measurements techniques, and also mixing alloys in preparation of jewellary.

    3.Duplicate manufacturings of engineering items and plywood cum flush doors

    4. Home rents and business rents are going in a peak way due to rents get more profit than doing business.

    5.Food adultration in hotels of hyderabad

    6.Brokers/dallarulus giving finance to farmers, the brokers decide the market value of essential commodities and vegetables
    Thereby creating food inflation , price increasings.

    7. Real estate market is booming due to metro rail projects coming on the roads of hyderabad.

    8.All schools and colleges in hyderabad have no professors to teach quality education . Thereby running education centres without professors.

    9.All Corporate hospitals have no professional MBBBS doctors. the duty doctors are mostly having qualification with ayurvedic and homeopathy doctors. Thereby lacking quality of healing treatment .

    10.As there are more than 500 viruses present in hyderabad to infect diseases .

    Corrective and Preventive action: As there is a need for powerful leader in the assembly with full majority . He powerful leader can save hyderabad in a scientific way to eradicate above issues.

    Revision Histories : The hung assembly will not solve the problems , thereby creating byelections and dharnas ,agitations.

    H.B.Krishna Chary
    Permaworld Member
    One world country citizen

  19. H.B.Krishna Chary Says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,


    Indian citizens trust only thier religious gods and money with cynic behaviors and commercial attitude in business / job profession.

    Indian citizens gets entertainment from public exhibit of cinemas when human beings beaten up, murdering tactics , showing private parts of exposing female heroines, unsafe communication with good sensitive human beings , failures in life due to poverty , getting rich by frauding other persons.

    Even indian gods are warriors by fighting with devils . Even indian gods are having flash back of rich and poor life styles.Most of the indian gods wear gold ornaments. Thereby indian citizens like gold.

    All indian citizens are caste based citizens thereby formed caste based vote banks by caste based politicians.

    Root cause of underdevelopment in india is black money rotation, corruption in government administrations , scams in political government administrations.

    The developed country Japan is very poor than india in 1947.

    Japan believes human excellance and professionalism tactics by people helping people development.

    My dream if i get powerful post in politics i can eradicate all above issues and changes can be made in all multy party ethics.


    H.B.Krishna Chary
    One World Country Citizen
    Permaworld member

  20. H.B.Krishna Chary Says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    This statement is dedicated to human rights commission of india that the people of telangana died due to suicides on the issue of bifurication.

    I request the authority of human rights commission of india to write a letter to president of india to release a fact statement on Telangana state .

    The ruling congress party playing vote bank politics with support of media by confusion statement releasing Rayala telenagan with capital of hyderabad.

    Sub : Pronounce Fact sheet on Bifurcation issue of Andhra Pradesh

    The citizens of andhra pradesh are in chaos on bifurcation issue thereby to release statement on your front that

    1.Is it possible practically by facts to declare telengana with hyderabad capital.
    2.what is the benefit if rayala telengana declare with capital of hyderabad because there is no meaning to telangana citizens to fight for seperate state.
    3.Is it possible to stay as is as andhra pradesh state by providing benefits to all districts .

    I am expecting you to release on your front fact sheet by pronouncing on above conclusions . The media also playing mind games with support of political leaders of both regions.

    This is for your information release fact statement on telengana issue

    or else the processing of T-state will start only after elections.

    H.B.Krishna Chary
    One world country citizen
    People helping people makes united

  21. H.B.Krishna Chary Says:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    Sub : Incredible Telengana

    Views and Concerns on Formation of Telengana

    The government of india has taken incredible support to form telengana as a stand by congress ruling party. The processing of telengana stand should complete only before 2014 elections. The other parties should get conclusions to go into public by their agendas. If in case delayed, the same problems will face by any other party government formation.

    To win congress in telengana and andhra region, the congress should take alliance with TRS and Ysrp in seemandhra before elections. The alliance mantra to win elections is the solution to form government. At present situation of politics , no party will get majority due to resons as below .

    Importance of public trust mantra in politics :
    To win elections at present situation , all parties leadership is to build trust mantra in both regions . The public image on party leadership also should trust.
    Our public is backward selectively due to on trust mantra .In politics leadership responsibility is to identify distrust constituencies and divert their attentions by human excellance services into party vote bank. It can possible only by intellectuals . The team leaders of all parties on trust should not behave as selectively due to tyranical management of politics.All are equal before the god is the common sense of both regions of human beings . May god trust all parties to benefit services to both regions of public.

    The opposition parties on stand on both regions is the development , the development is possible only if there is no alliances in the parties. Once the agenda on alliance gets if there is weakness in the party vote bank. All parties are formed on the stand on wellbeings of citizens.
    The ruling party government of india is specialised in providing welfare schems to the public .
    The TRS party is specialised on their stand on telengana formation.
    The YSRP party specialised on their stand on improvement of welfare schemes .
    The TDP party specialised on their stand on development agenda.

    At present situation , the need analysis for our both regions is development , giving oppurtunities to the public employment and profitable business environment and efficiency of political environment.

    All parties should come to the stand on platform only to build development , the requiremnet is knowlegeble, experience and capable of leadership with determination and vision. If the next elected government not have above vison, both regions of public will suffer and face problems as faced since from 2009 .

    The selection and nominations of MLA’s and MP’s from all parties should be done on Competency basis .
    It has proved that some MLA’s and MP’s showed their irresponsible , they are not able to judgement their views and concerns on the telengana issue , going on to the speaker podium , chaos creating by disturbing the processing of telengana formation. If there is no unity in the public representatives , how they can expect unity in citizens.

    Views and concern party leadership :The public of both regions have observed that leaders have change their stand introvertly and acting to build chaos extrovertly by unresolved problem on telengana issue.
    The samanayam to both regions of public is to declare the formation of telengana and within 4 years development to build in both regions to benefit public.

    All parties to get on platform on selectiveness of candidates on competant basis not on public image basis . our country is still backward due to politicians acting introvert as unity and extrovert as to build agandas on their benefit concerns. Thereby they selected the alliances to form government .

    My opinion on politics is to select intellectuals from the constituencies as competent persons, the intellectuals can be judge and can explain to the poverty public , how they can survive to build financially improve through development agenda of parties.

    All parties are welcoming intellectuals information but not giving oppurtunities to select as public representatives . Alas indians, we are losing oppurtunity to stand on developed nation as india.

    This is for your information , whatever confrontations came on telengans formation , do fastly , efficiently by controlling irresponsible chaotic representatives before elections 2014 , otherwise the public of both regions suffer problems.

    I welcome the president of india , hope you done your duty on declaration of formation bifurication efficiently before elections.

    H.B.Krishna Chary
    An employee of private industry
    Caring for People helping people by sharing resources is the opinion on bifurication
    One world country citizen

  22. H.B.Krishna Chary Says:

    Dear Sir/Madam, Date :14/01/2014

    Sub : Lack of Competent politicians in Indian Parliament/Assemblies

    At Present Politics in Andhra Pradesh needs competent Politicians . A competent Politician should have skills, abilities, knowledge, experience necessary to do it well for the citizens of their constituencies.

    But the scenerio of politicians looks like argumentation, creating chaos situation, not able to have common sense to discuss the problems infront of assembly speaker, going infront of speaker podium by making disturbenses thereby adjouning for the short time.

    At present the attitude of politician making informations by their own ideas converting into different ways of vote bank resources on behalf of to win in elections.

    At present constitutional amendment should be implemented to create competent politicians in the society.

    At present some background of politicians history is having criminal cases, civil case settlements, rape cases, scam cases, having huge number of immovable assets .

    Thereby the citizens of andhra pradesh aced on the agenda of telengana dispute /battle between two groups of people (Bandhs, suicides,sickness of industries, price rise of essential commodities etc.)

    At present, the ratio of efficiency by seeing politicians by their thinking, talking , listening are on the argumentation basis but not on weighable decisions in assembly/parliament.

    If the situation continues like this in future, the government of india may loose targetted vision 2020 and the government of india falls in the trap of deficits and the citizens will fall in trap of buying high price rising in markets.

    Coorective action/preventive action

    The rule should be pass by the election commission of india , if a candidate stands of MLA/MP seat, the candidate requires competent politician certificate from election commission approved by supreme court/high court .

    In the advertisements also , the candidate can put his license as , Mr.XYZ is competent candidate contesting for MLA/MP seat .
    I prepare this statement to my indian first senior citizen (President of india) to look the matter by forwarding the message to concerned authorities and implement constitutional amendment to create competent politicians in the constituencies of india particularly in telengana state.

    We intellectuals always come forward to make india as VIBRANT ,and also vibrant states in coming future of politics .

    This is for your information,
    H.B.Krishna Chary
    An employee of private industry
    One world country citizen
    People helping people makes united in strengthen india
    Intellectual member

  23. H.B.Krishna Chary Says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    This message was prepared by me on behalf of my relatives died in bus accident .

    Purpose : To ensure to make safe journey in private bus transportation in indian states/Andhra pradesh .

    Scope : Causes of road accidents in indian states. 80 % of bus accidents are caused by drivers error only.
    Reasons :
    *Refuse to follow road signs and regulations
    *Bus drivers overspeeding on the highways
    *Bus drivers driving bus above regulated speed limits either to show off, meet deadlines by putting many other road users at risk
    *The bus drivers may take alcohol resulting in putting thier life and lives of other people in danger
    * Bus driver may answer cell phone calls while driving
    *Bus driver may over worked by putting passengers in danger

    Responsibility : Govfernment of Andhra Pradesh > Human rights commission > Road transport authority > Commissioner of traffic police.

    Procedure : Bus drivers are mostly unqualified persons, they are not able to understand road signs and regulations. Thereby , bus drivers approach brokers by giving money . Brokers may encourage to give commisions to Road transport officials by issuing license to bus drivers.

    Corrective action and preventive actions

    *Ban brokers in the surrounding offices of road transport authority offices .
    *Terminate the RTA officials , if convicted by taking bribe from brokers/learners.
    *Terminate bus drivers license having eye sight
    *If a bus driver convicted his fault by accident. The RTA department should not allow to drive bus in further course of driving.
    *Job cards to introduce for bus drivers , if in case raid by traffic police thereby convicted for overworked, suspend bus service for a period of time.

    Revision Histories: Dishonesty is main source of root Cause.
    If convicted bus driver error, he will go to jail/bail , then again joins in as bus driver . Database the convicted drives and take action to implement rules.
    If bus accidents continuous in future ,the public may think there is no value for human life but importance giving to dishonety officials.
    Note :Take preventive actions by strict rules and safeguard humanlifes .
    I hope this message will be effective for safe journey of citizens on indian roads.
    May soul rest in pease who died in road accidents.

    H.B.Krishna Chary
    Intellectual Member
    Caring for people

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