J. Neil Schulman on Sphinx Radio Online

Sphinx Radio online.Alongside Night author J. Neil Schulman was interviewed by paranormal researcher William H. Kennedy on the Sphinx Radio internet show.

Neil spoke about writing the novel during the mid 1970s, getting the endorsement for his prophetic work of a collapsed America by Nobel winning economist Milton Friedman, and the radical agorist philosophy behind the novel.

Unlike other dystopian literature, Alongside Night provides a workable example of how to operate when the system collapses, say due to commercial real estate going bust and the derivatives used to back the loans unraveling, taking all the banks down.

Another top down bailout may not stop the resulting collapse.

Of particular interest is Neil’s mention of this site and of the concept of permafacture, the best example being the work of Open Farm Tech.

Listen to the complete interview right here:

MP3 33 minutes

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