Seedballs on NPR

I’m still on a road trip, which started with my participation at the Xanadu convention in Las Vegas. I spoke there about “All Things Ecological” and “Indie Filmmaking.”

I took a break from the convention to be interviewed, along with Alongside Night author J. Neil Schulman, by the Motorhome Diaries team, who met with us and a coven of local Vegas anarchists at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf on Maryland Parkway. Since then I’ve continued driving to visit friends and family in Vegas, San Francisco and Chico, California. There will be pictures, videos and thoughts about all that upon my return.

While packing before the trip I heard an NPR story broadcast on April 15 about a New Jersey group spreading seedballs to beautify untended landscapes neglected due to the economy. You can listen to audio of the story too.

NPR mentioned Masanoba Fukuoka and a 2003 incident where police thought seedballs were terrorist weapons. There was that annual U.S. tax deadline that may have distracted you that day.

I’ve got the domain currently embedding a YouTube video by Jim Bones demonstrating how to make seedballs. The site also lists the recipe in text form and has links to related pages.

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