Commercial Property, Veggies, & Pirates

Antonio & Alexia Cardenas
“The Realtors In Motion”
Halloween pirate ship.
With all due respect to certain realtors who may be able to squeeze buyers into properties they can afford (while said buyers still have business or job income), in general, real estate is down while gardening and old fashioned maritime piracy are up.

From a Mises Daily article by Doug French, “The Real Estate Bust Is Far From Over”:

“The residential market has hit the ditch and continues to sink lower, but now the commercial property market is rolling over and will take many lenders down the drain with it.”

And let’s not forget the widely predicted bust of the derivatives bubble to come, which will take down even more financial institutions. For example, there’s this from a recent Forbes item:

“There is, in fact, a rising risk of a global L-shaped depression that would be even worse than the current, painful U-shaped global recession.”

Mississippi’s Vicksburg Post In the Garden with Miriam Jabour latest column, “Hard times punch up vegetable gardening” describes a trend reversal in favor of gardens:

“Vegetable gardens have lost popularity over the years because the public has had access to fruits and vegetables at grocery stores. The tide seems to be turning during our present economic downturn, and the experts are telling us that 6 million more Americans will grow vegetables this year than last.”

Speaking of gardening, a popular subject this time of year, LifeHacker published a detailed, illustrated article, “Grow 100 lbs. of Potatoes in 4 Square Feet”.

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