Good News for the Ocean, Hemp and Kids

ARS Technica had some rare good news about the state of the sea in an article titled Ocean conservation success stories.

“(Some) good news does exist, though, which is important for those working in the field, according to Dr Nancy Knowlton, one of the session’s moderators. As Knowlton put it, students aren’t interested in “writing ever-more extensive obituaries” on the oceans, so being able to point to successes ought to draw people into the field.”

NORML online item Hemp Bill in Congress, noticed thanks to a Xeni Jardin Boing Boing post featuring the WW2 wartime short film, “Hemp For Victory.” Excerpt from the Google Video description:

“All American farmers were required to see the film, sign a paper saying that they had viewed the film, and read a booklet on the matter. Farmers who agreed were waived from serving in the military, and all their family members were also exempt. They received farm equipment at a discounted price, and sometimes for free. However, before and after the war — the same plant was considered “demon weed” and the killer of the same kids that were pressed into service to grow it during the war. Furthermore, the USDA and Library of Congress denied the creation or existence of such a film until 2 copies were found and sent in to the Library of Congress. Talk about hypocrisy.”

A Google Alert for “off grid” led me to a report about a couple living in a solar powered house in my old home town, “Off-Grid In Paradise.”

Columns surrounding that story linked to a moving story, “Angels in the Classroom,” about massive help from church volunteers in Chico, California adopting a local school with a high level of poverty.

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