Pigs In The Pipes Power Pilot Project

The Simpsons Movie
Plopper the Pampered Pig.Abby Cohn at Berkeley Innovations describes a test by the City of San Francisco to convert brown grease, which normally plugs up sewer pipes, into biodiesel in an item titled From Bacon To Biofuel.

Innovations is the website of the UC Berkeley College of Engineering, hence the plugs for its alumni in the article.

” “For the city, it’s going to be a win-win situation,” says Domènec Jolis (Ph.D.’92 CEE), a senior engineer at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) and the project’s co-principal investigator. The effort could potentially prevent messy and costly sewer backups and at the same time generate fuel for city vehicles and equipment as well as energy to run the sewage plant itself. Serving as the project’s manager is SFPUC principal engineer Jon Loiacono (B.S.’72 CEE).”

You probably expect me to quote The Simpsons line “Mmm. Hog fat.” from the “Lisa’s First Word” episode.

“Homer and Marge visit Stinking Fish Realty. But they have problems finding a proper house — or the proper neighborhood. The first one is too violent. The second house is located next to a rendering plant. (”Mmm…hog fat”). {The third one is Captain McAllister’s houseboat, where the good Captain’s sales pitch is interrupted while he wrestles a Great White.} And the fourth is full of cats.”

For more of this vital information, check out Homer’s Mmmm Lines.

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