Obama’s White House Adds Veggie Garden

You might expect Mound-Day items to appear on Monday, but who says I’m tied to your planet’s orbital idiosyncrasies, Earthling?

An excerpt from a Chicago Tribune story last week about Michelle Obama’s kitchen garden:

“Friday’s activities are the culmination of a campaign to turn the 16 acres of White House grounds into an ‘edible landscape’. ”

This kind of Food Not Lawns project hasn’t been done at the White House since Eleanor Roosevelt planted a Victory Garden in WW2. It seems to be another hint that the economy may not be recovering any time soon. Food security on the very local level (your yard) may become officially encouraged even more if the fuel supply gets interrupted due to hyperinflation.

On that theme, an audio podcast at AgroInnovations with Marcin Jakubowski, a founder of Open Source Ecology describes a radical 30 acre project in Missouri that you might wish to support or join.

“We are farmer scientists - working to develop a world class research center for decentralization technologies using open source permaculture and technology to work together for providing basic needs and self replicating the entire operation at the cost of scrap metal.”

Here’s a CNN video report about Obama’s “kitchen garden” at YouTube. [Update: Taken Down!] Fine. Here’s YouTube video from Associated Press.

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