Grease Lightning Delivery Uses Biodiesel

Grease Lightning Delivery logo.The Albany Democrat-Herald in Oregon published a story about Grease Lightning Delivery, a business that uses biodiesel and recycled vegetable oil as fuel.

“John Knox thinks his 1982 Mazda Truck with a modified engine that runs on biofuel can provide businesses with an economical and environmentally sound means of delivery.”

Small scale recycling of waste vegetable oil or growing of one’s own dedicated fuel crop may be the only reliable vehicle fuel sources in a collapsed economic and political system.

Petroleum may become expensive again due to reduced purchasing power thanks to the hyperinflation that may result from desperate bailouts.

But for now, large scale biofuel plants face depressed petroleum price competition and foreign protectionism denies American biodiesel producers access to the world biofuel market.

“The duties would begin March 13 and remain in place for up to six months when the Commission must then decide whether to propose “definitive” duties which normally last for five years.”

The U.S. may become energy independent by short term economic necessity.

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