It Usually Begins With Iran

Windpower in Iran
Iran wind power.
This headline was the title for my side of a debate (in the negative) on “Should the U.S. invade Iran” held at the Karl Hess Club on Monday, March 16. (Also, Jerome Tuccille’s humorous book, It Usually Begins With Ayn Rand, featured stories about the founding personalities of the modern libertarian movement.)

The gist of my argument is that the world is incredibly broke right now and nobody can afford any big war. Nobel winning economist Joseph Stiglitz puts the war on terror cost at 3 trillion dollars. The National Debt Clock is running out of digits, and the exposure thanks to derivatives investments has been estimated at over 1 quadrillion dollars worldwide. If that eats through all these bailout funds and creates hyperinflation, I hope your victory garden is in good shape.

Iran, despite having the second largest oil reserves in the world, still has to import gasoline. Importing gas doesn’t demonstrate the industry needed to support a vast mechanized army on the march. As you can see from the photo, Iran is developing wind power and is the top maker of wind turbines in the Middle East and a leader in wind generation worldwide. Maybe their tanks will be plug-in hybrids.

Islamic jihadis may want to establish a worldwide Caliphate and put one of their brethren in the Oval Office. (To quote “The Director” character from Lady Magdalene’s, a recent movie making the film festival circuit.)

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad lost a vote in Iran’s parliament to stop domestic oil subsidies, which some Iranian economists say would have quadrupled the oil price inside the country. Ahmadinejad is up for election again this June. Who knows how that will go.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was also one of the “students” who took Americans hostage in 1979 during Jimmy Carter’s single term as POTUS. There was a failed rescue attempt with the military helicopters crashing in the desert due to an inferior design being chosen for political reasons (a bailout of Chrysler).

The mainstream news claimed the hostage takers wouldn’t do interviews. I remember listening to Pacifica’s KPFA in Berkeley (or KPFK in L.A.) as the host called 411 information for the hotel shown on television news coverage, asked for the “students,” and was quickly connected to someone who spoke in accented English. The host made it clear he didn’t agree with the hostage taking strategy, but was able to interview the spokesman anyway. The Pacifica host was soon visited by the FBI, if memory serves. Thus our official news outlets were shown to be incompetent or liars.

Just after Ronald Reagan won the election, thanks to Ollie North’s illegal arms for hostages exchange (a.k.a. “Iran-Contra”), the hostages were freed.

Before hostages, Iran-Contra and the current nuclear situation, back in 1953, there was Operation Ajax, one of many false flag terror operations conducted by the CIA, other western intelligence agencies and NATO.

The term “blowback” originates with the CIA’s “after action report,” according to Chalmers Johnson’s Nemesis, a 2006 book predicting financial collapse due to our overextended military (800 foreign bases, secret budgets for 15 spy agencies whose existence is classified, and real estate including a ski resort in Switzerland and even the Iraq war command bases in Qatar that don’t show up in the Pentagon real estate inventory)

The following is from the 911 Truthers, who are making a stronger connection from Iran-Contra to September 11 than I’m comfortable accepting. But their video just about Operation Ajax is compelling.

Speaking of 9-11, Chile’s Allende was overthrown with help by the CIA on September 11, 1973, so Pinochet could be installed. According to Chalmers Johnson, many candidates for who attacked us were considered before Osama Bin Laden took credit. We can’t even narrow down our enemies by a significant day of the year!

CIA False Flag Operation Ajax in 1953 Iran

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