Bottles, Barrels & Drops in the Ocean

IPC9 to be held in Zimbabwe and other African countries this year.BBC News website’s Environment correspondent, Richard Black, reported an example of a bleak world situation, where “For nearly one billion people, clean drinking water is still a mirage,” in an article titled “Where clean water is a pipedream”.

If you want a graphic demonstration of the health impacts of poor drinking water, look no further than Zimbabwe.

Three thousand people dead, at least 60,000 ill - all from a disease that is almost completely preventable.

Today Reuters reports “Obama extends US sanctions against Zimbabwe.” The sanctions are directed against Mugabe, who has been so corrupt lately even typical politicians feel threatened. Wikipedia has an entry about the record breaking Hyperinflation in Zimbabwe.

“Hyperinflation in Zimbabwe has persisted since 2000, shortly after that country’s confiscation of white-owned farmland and its repudiation of debts to the International Monetary Fund. Recent figures (as of 14 November 2008) estimate Zimbabwe’s annual inflation rate at 89.7 sextillion (10E21) percent.”

Despite their dire circumstances and political turmoil, the Zimbabwean people have a reputation for easy laughter. And there’s another ray of hope. Zimbabwe is the site for the next International Permaculture Conference (IPC9) to be held in October and November of this year. In 2007, IPC8 took place in Brazil and was documented with this inspiring video. Let’s hope Americans remain cheerful if there’s a complete economic collapse.

Speaking of humor, this Bottles of Water entry from the “Stuff White People Like” site, is linked by sharqi at little house in the ghetto.

The leading edge of white people have started to use sturdier, refillable bottles. But do not assume this is from the tap. Most white people need to run their water through some sort of filter (Brita or PUR) before they put it into their bottle. This allows them to feel good about using a refillable bottle, but it also makes it more complicated, which they also like.

Yeah, but I’m still hankering for a big rain barrel even more.

The most recent ghetto post solicits interns to expand the permaculture educational mission of the “garden of zomba” at the little house, not to be confused with Malawi’s national herbarium in Zomba.

Finally, a TED Talk by Captain Charles Moore, the discoverer of the Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch, reminds us that there is no “away” when plastic containers are “thrown away.”

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