Land Girls: Patriots With Pitchforks

Daily Mail pic detail
Dig for Victory pic detail.
A “permaculture” Google Alert brought me a link to this Design Thinking blog post with a transcript of a brief excerpt from a recent BBC2 show, Natural World: A Farm for the Future.

There’s also a link to the programme (UK only, maybe someday they’ll make the program available to the world).

I was intrigued by the following “minimal labour” exchange with UK forest gardening and permaculture expert Patrick Whitefield:

PW: You know people often think that there are two ways of doing things, one is by drudgery, and the other is by chucking fossil fuel at it. Now permaculture is about a third way of doing things, and that is by design, by conscious design.
Presenter: So you’re designing the labour out, or you’re designing the need for that energy out?
PW: Both.

This “Scientific Blogging” post takes a dim view of all this. The author worries about the return of forced labor and relocation in the style of Mao and Pol Pot. Huh?

That BBC2 show title brought up a Daily Mail article about it. The same article also touched on the history of the Land Girls in Britain during World War II, reminiscent of U.S. Victory Gardens.

For a cinematic treatment, watch the highly rated (by IMDB users anyway) 1998 movie, Land Girls with Rachel Weisz. Since it doesn’t seem to be in stock at Amazon, perhaps you could read the movie tie-in novel:

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