Superpower Social Collapse Guidelines

A Cory Doctorow Boing Boing post today describes a recent SALT talk by Dmitri Orlov comparing the impact on Russians of the fall of the Soviet Union with what the USA is about to endure. The talk’s title is “Social Collapse Best Practices.”

No doubt the podcast will appear at The Long Now Foundation site any day now.

“By the mid-1990s I started to see Soviet/American Superpowerdom as a sort of disease that strives for world dominance but in effect eviscerates its host country, eventually leaving behind an empty shell: an impoverished population, an economy in ruins, a legacy of social problems, and a tremendous burden of debt. The symmetries between the two global superpowers were then already too numerous to mention, and they have been growing more obvious ever since.”

The talk isn’t podcast quite yet, but a transcript is up at Club Orlov.

[Update: It’s alive! And here’s a blog post about it at Long Now.]

A popular talk by the same author from 2006 about how better prepared Russians living under Communism were for total collapse has the ironic title, “Closing The ‘Collapse Gap’.

PermaKent exists mainly because of my interest in off-grid living and preparedness. The About Me page, posted on Day One, contains the following:

“Aside from the usual propaganda you’ll get about amateur radio from ARRL, I found it revolutionary being able to set up free automated communication systems, even TCP/IP, the software that runs the internet, with servers hosting software and data over free packet radio. Amateur rules forbid encryption, music, and commercial use, but in the unlicensed spectrum an alternative internet with its own domain names could bypass the original if it becomes necessary.”

“That kind of independence is also possible with electricity, water and other resources we normally just get from the grid. Food, shelter, and income may be obtained independently as well. This kind of thing will get categorized here under “Self Reliance” or “Freedom.” Although alternative energy could also fit in with ‘Peace’.”

And here’s a recent post about Schulman’s Alongside Night and Ron Paul’s economic advisor Peter Schiff to provide more evidence.

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