MAX MPG Car Escapes From Berkeley

Mother Earth News reports that a DIY homebrew car, “MAX Wins 800-mile Race, without Gas.”

The challenge was to drive from Berkeley to Las Vegas without using petroleum based fuel, and without buying any fuel directly. This is a step in the MAX team’s attempt to win the $10 million automotive X-Prize for a 100 MPG car, which they hope to lose to real engineers instead of their own hobbyist selves.

“For MAX’s fuel, we chose straight vegetable oil. We got a conversion kit from PlantDrive and installed it to work with MAX’s diesel engine. Thanks to MAX’s great fuel economy, we only needed a dozen 40-ounce bottles of cooking oil a day, which we begged from customers at grocery stores, showing our appreciation with commemorative T-shirts and copies of Mother Earth News.”

You MUST see the video about MAX from Discovery’s Science Channel Brink show, that’s an ORDER!

Here’s a short video excerpt at YouTube, “Is 100 MPG Ambitious Enough?” from a longer Fora TV talk by Saul Griffith, “Climate Change Recalculated,” which I first heard as a SALT (Seminars About Long Term Thinking) audio podcast.

Griffith says we should investigate the “cheap jet fuel at cruising altitude blocking the sun to fight global warming” scheme in addition to the unlikely energy austerity plan he proposes. Griffith considers the jet fuel idea and similar geo-engineering schemes to be hobby ideas, but said they deserve more research. I first heard the jet fuel idea from Durk Pearson when I visited Durk and Sandy at their Nevada home, thanks to J. Neil Schulman.

And here’s more video from Geek Entertainment Television’s Violet Blue about the Escape From Berkeley scavenged non-petroleum fuel rally race.

Take special notice of the MAX team leader wearing a costume from The Prisoner, and the team’s entry called “The Prisoners of Petroleum.”

2 Responses to “MAX MPG Car Escapes From Berkeley”

  1. John Rockhold Says:

    Hi Kent — thanks for the plug of our MAX project!! We really appreciate it. Hope you continue to follow MAX’s progress, it’s going to be quite a “ride.”

    John Rockhold
    Mother Earth News

  2. J. Kent Hastings Says:

    John, or Jack if the video tells true, you bet I’ll *ahem* BCNU or at least following the MAX project. Someone’s got to save the world.

    Question: Was there any trouble keeping up with the speed limit or otherwise getting hassled by No. 2 (a.k.a. The Man, CHiPs, etc.)?


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