Freeway BioFuel, Daryl Hannah’s New Car

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BioPro SSI 250 biodiesel processor.
From the Freeways To Fuel website, linked from Green Tech Media coverage of the National Biodiesel Conference in San Francisco this month:

. . .we estimate that 10 million acres of non-traditional agronomic lands are available to grow about 1 billion million gallons of biodiesel feedstock on our country’s rights-of-way.

Daryl Hannah made news at the same conference with her announcement of a brand new biodiesel El Camino car.

“There were lots of vehicles on display at the Biodiesel Vehicle Showcase, but the one that stole the show was actress Daryl Hannah’s beloved El Camino - mainly because Daryl was there herself to show it off.”

Her remarks appear at the conference site and were also reported in detail at Ecorazzi.

Here’s the BioPro automated biodiesel processor that was the talk of the conference, described at YouTube.

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  1. Maddison Richards Says:

    i like the beauty of Daryl Hannah, she is quite tall and gorgeous~,’

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