Ice Age Sunspot Shortwave Solar Installations

Pop Sci sunspots article.Do I win a prize for the most bizarre headline? While we’re digressing, what’s up with “Cardinals” as a football team name? I think it’s fine for Abner Doubleday and Cooperstown, but on the gridiron a tweety bird is like a boy named Sue. Now give me some more tofu.

First some good news for energy independence and a growing business area. Pacific Business News reports that “California solar power installations double.”

“Solar power installations in most of California doubled last year compared with 2007 and continue at a record level, according to a report by the state Public Utilities Commission.”

The latest Solar Cycle is interesting because of the AGW debate about our survival on this planet. Of even greater importance, according to amateur radio operators, is the effect of sunspots on global shortwave reception. I’m glad we hams have our priorities straight. QSL via bureau.

My latest search for sunspot news turned up this Popular Science article, “What’s Happening To The Sun?.”

The lack of activity after Solar Cycle 23 is providing an interesting test of the effect of sunspots compared to human carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases (in the news) on climate.

A large number of sunspots has been correlated to hotter temperatures on Earth. During times when there are few sunspots, Earth tends to be colder. According to the Wikipedia “sunspot” entry:

“During the Maunder Minimum in the 17th Century there were hardly any sunspots at all. This coincides with a period of cooling known as the Little Ice Age.”

Maybe it’s time to look at this YouTube how-to video for a passive solar heating system you can construct using weatherproof materials you can scrounge for free. Even a principled non-voter like me must concede this election time benefit. (Hint. hint.)

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