Murray McMurray Anime Chicken Dance

Murray McMurray Hatcheries catalog.Melonie Kennedy wrote this Prepared Family post, about how the online Flash interactive version of the Murray McMurray Hatchery catalog just made her crave getting the paper version even more. So much for the paperless society. She also confesses her wish that live chickens could be mailed. Don’t tell PETA. (Here’s the regular McMurray site for the Flash impaired.)

Now she knows how anime fans feel with their action figures and costumes at conventions. In case you think I’m the only one linking chickens and anime, here’s an assemblage of YouTube anime clips set to the Chicken Dance and the rest of Weird Al’s Polkarama.

But wait, there’s more. Phelan’s 11 year old son, Large, is drawing anime inspired art at their homestead. Excerpt:

“He is getting better at his art work. It is a wonderful thing to watch. And yes, we do allow him to draw on his walls. We are freaks.”

Was he brought up in a barn? Oh yeah, kinda.

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  1. Melonie K. Says:

    Hi there - thanks for the link to my blog. Interesting topic you’ve got here.

    FYI, live chicks can be mailed in the USA - however, I am an American living in Japan. My wish was not that live chicks could be mailed, but that they could be mailed *here*. However, they would not survive the amount of time it takes for mail to get to US military stationed overseas. :-) Baby chickens are born (hatched, technically) with a certain amount of time they can live without food, from their time in the egg.

    I suspect PETA is aware but they have bigger fish to fry…. oh wait, that’s an awful pun. LOL

    Looking forward to reading more of your blog - I see some very interesting topics on the sidebar.

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