Virtual Bike Lane Lasers

Light Lane virtual bike lane lasers.This Sat-urday item (what I’m calling satellite and other green/off-grid tech news) is from Cory Doctorow’s Boing Boing post about LightLane, a concept device that paints bike lanes using portable lasers from the bicycle.

Quoting the Good Magazine blog post “Superb Idea: Bike Lane That Travels With You’:

“While ridership is increasing every year, bicycle safety remains a huge issue: in 2007, 43,000 people were injured in bike accidents, resulting in 698 deaths. Though many cities are getting serious about making bike-friendly infrastructure changes, installing bike lanes is a costly porposition with a glacial pace of implementation.”

Engadget says LightLane will bring Tron to life.

Bicyclist John Brownlee at Boing Boing Gadgets injected a bit of realism in his otherwise positive report with this cynical headline: “LightLane concept paints laser bike lane for drivers to ignore.”

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